Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just TOO cute


Ryan always wants to ride in these car carts at Fry's and yesterday i thought Lacy was "maybe' big enough to ride in it with him. She was so excited to be in there with him. She loved holding onto the steering wheel. They both looked so cute i could help but take a picture. I felt like a true blogger at that moment, whipping my camera out in the middle of the produce isle:)



So this is at play group on Friday. We went to the park for bubble and ball day. Of course i forgot to take pictures of all the kids chasing after the bubbles, but they had a lot of fun. So the pictures below are of Ryder and Lacy's first time on a swing. They get to have a lot of their 'firsts' at the same time since they were born only a week apart. They both loved the swing. Aren't they cute!

On Wednesday we had a little reunion with my hair school buddies. Of course the only friends that i still talk to are both named Kristin and we all had babies within a week of each other. It was really fun to get all the kids together and see how they compare in size and ability. Lacy is taking her grand old time catching up to the boys who can already crawl. Lacy sees no need for such things, all she has to do is cry and look at me with those big blue eyes and i pick her up.

Avery, Amy, Ryan, Parker

The only matching outfit they have, and they wear it on the same day( not on purpose.)

The triplets- Ryder,Lacy,Jackson

Monday, January 26, 2009

Making Baby Food and Cousins Visit


OK so this might not be amazing to anyone else, but i am so excited that i made baby food all by myself. I even saved old baby food containers so i had something to put it in. So this one sweet potato made sooo much food. I wont have to ever make it again and it was so easy. It took hardly any time. So snaps for ME.

Looks yummy huh!

I think they are shooting birds

Isn't this a lovey habit:) what a boy!

What cute cousins

Diane and Luis stopped by for a visit. I hadn't seen them in almost two years so it was nice surprise. Our kids are about the same age. Ryan and Luis Pablo played so good together the whole time. I got some cute pictures of them. Lacy and their little boy are about a month apart. I thought Lacy was big until i saw him, she looked so little next to him. Hopefully they come again soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



Ok, so i am not so good at getting on here and posting stuff, the thing is I really want to be. I feel like i am really busy so i don't have any time but i guess i just have to make time. So real quick i will summarize why i have been so busy. Ok, so first of all i have two little kids. I cant see into the future when i have more kids cause two already consumes so much of my time. Anyway, So Christmas came and went. It was really fun this year having the two kids. Ryan,now three, was much more fun this year. He was so excited. He loved opening presents and didn't mind that he didn't have that many to open. We did the three present thing this year. For those of you who don't know what that is... You give only three presents Gold( which is something they want) Frankincense( which is something they need) and Mir ( which is a family gift like a game that everyone can play but they get to open). It really is a great way to do Christmas. As we open presents we talk about the gifts that Jesus got. Lacy loved just as much. She was fascinated by the wrapping paper and spent most of the morning sucking on it. I'm not too sure if that is healthy but she is still alive...
So right after Christmas was my sisters bridal shower that i was in charge of. Wow what a lot of work. I totally owe her since she has thrown every shower that i have ever had. Then a week after that was her wedding. It turned out awesome. That too was a lot of work. And since then has been recuperating time. I am still so tired, all the time. I swear if i didn't have an IUD i would guess i was pregnant all over again. I could just sleep all day.
So now that that is all over i will be posting again. I am on my lap top which has no pix on it, so soon they will follow.
Thanks to Kristin for inspiring me to get of my lazy bum and blog already:)