Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When 4 became 6!


No I'm not having twins. It's even better, my mom and my little sister came to live with us. It has been a crazy adventure fitting all of us in here, but i am happy to have them here. My mom got here last Wednesday with a huge moving truck. We unloaded the stuff that was staying here and then we went on Thursday to our storage to unload the rest. Man, moving is a lot of work. Friday we kind of rested with sore bodies and unpacked the house. Saturday my mom flew back to AZ to finishing packing and get her car. ( Congrats mom on flying since you haven't flown in 20 years.) She comes back tomorrow. My sister Candice is coming back with her to live with my uncle Jimmy and work in his Cafe. My other sister Tiffanie is moving in about three weeks to Washington. So out of all my family my little brother Zack is the only one left in AZ. Its kinda sad. We have all made AZ our home the last ten years. I guess California was calling us back. I'm excited for the adventures that lie ahead. I think life should be the way it used to be when everyone lived close to their families. I don't have any pictures to post because i haven't taken any. I need to do better. Ta ta for now...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

So Cute..


So while putting Ryan to bed lately he wants us to rub his back so he can get to sleep. I am usually not all about these kind of habits because they take along time and i think kids should fall asleep on their own. Anyways, i gave in and now we do it every night. He usually gets almost to sleep in less than 5 minutes and then we leave the room. So tonight it was Brent's turn to put him in bed and read stories and rub the back. I have been online doing different things when i realized it had been like 45 minutes. So i just barely went to check on them and they are both sound asleep in Ryan's little twin bed. I want to take a picture so bad but then it would wake them up..darn!