Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Time


This was probably my favorite Christmas in a long time. Its not that i haven't enjoyed them in the past, its just that this one went so well. I love being at home. I love having little kids around to bring on that Christmas spirit. I remember last year Ryan didn't quite get what was going on and Lacy just ate the wrapping paper. This year Ryan KNEW what was going on and Lacy was in for the ride. They were so excited about every little thing we did. My mom came to watch my brothers kids, so she was here for Christmas. It was so fun to have her and my little sister around. Lacy just loves Hannah. We started out our festivities this year with a new tradition. Since we will be living here in San Diego for a while i found this really neat thing they do here called the boat parade of lights. Its off the harbor in downtown San Diego. It was absolutely amazing. We sat on the grass and had dinner while watching like a hundred boats pass by all decorated with lights and music. We also went to see Santa. It was actually my first Santa mall experience since having my own kids. It wasn't as bad as i thought and Lacy didn't even cry.
We spent the day before Christmas eve and half of Christmas eve with my mom and sis. We had a good time baking fudge and rolls. I think i can make fudge all by myself now, which is a great achievement for me. Christmas eve we woke up and had monkey bread. My new favorite breakfast desert( thanks Shaun.) Then we decorated Christmas cookies for Santa. We also started another new family tradition and that is to have Carniasata every Christmas eve. Its one of our favorite Mexican dishes. We of course opened our pj presents and took pictures by the tree. Christmas Day was amazing. The kids were so excited. Lacy got a princess chair and Ryan got a scooter among other things. Brent got me the most beautiful necklace and i got him new shoes( how romantic huh?) That night we headed over to my Grandpas for Christmas dinner with the rest of the family here in Cali. It was a great holiday. Having little kids makes it that much more fun. I cant wait till next year. Lacy all decked out in her presents
Ryan with his new race track

Pj pictures- uh i thought i turned this around, maybe not, but i am too tired to change it so i guess you will just have to turn your head to look at it.

decorating cookies

Or should i say eating

Opening presents from grandma

My beautiful fudge

Lacy already helping in the kitchen

And last but not least... Santa and the kids
Paige, Lacy, SANTA, Ryan, and Hunter

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its a Party!!



Monday, December 7, 2009

Presents and Chukie Cheese


So for Ryan's birthday we:

opened presents
(he opened these and said "these are my smash hulks," like five times.)

went to Chuckie Cheeese with our cousins

blew out moms ghetto cake
He didnt know that it was ghetto, but i was pretty embarrased. I used the last of the batter left over from cup cakes. We were going to eat this ghetto one at home and get a nicer one, but there was no time. ( This explanation is mostly for me :>)

opened more presents ( thank you Hunter and Paige)

forced cousin pictures
forced a very cute family picture

...and of course played some games.
(I was hoping she would score me some big points this way but she favored putting them in bottom.)

We also had Brent's work Christmas party. Here are some cute chocolate covered kids.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Selling our Car..PLEASE HELP


We are selling our car...
2005 Nissan Sentra
Power everything,tinted windows, cruise control, cd player, and more.
We are asking 5.795
It kelly blue books at 6,000
It has kind of high miles at 93,000 miles but these are mostly freeway miles. We have taken very good care of this car. Its in great working condition. Pass the word along. Thanks
Call Hilarie at 480-518-1176

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How did that happen??


How did my little baby boy turn FOUR...
It was just yesterday that i was holding you in my arms and you were so teeny tiny. It was just yesterday that you took your first steps. It was just yesterday that you loved me more than your friends. I cant believe you are growing up so fast.
I cant imagine life without you. You keep me on my toes. You help me to find my imagination. You help me see the good in the world and other people. I love you Ryan Our family tradition to have pancakes with a candle
Ryan taking cupcakes to preschool

Lacy wanting in on all the action:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old Husband!!


I looked at Brent this morning and told him he was old, and then asked him how this happened? We were just young and just married and now we are just getting old. Brent is 29. Happy Birthday Honey...I love you!Family tradition- waking up to warm, yummy pancakes. I have to put chocolate chips in his so he will eat them.
Brent had to work on his birthday, but he was able to get off early. When he got home he didn't even have time to shower because somebody wanted the presents opened. You guessed it, it was Ryan. He just couldn't wait any longer.

Brent got some new pants, a wallet, and a big thing of fudge ( which i bought mostly for myself:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pee Pee on the Potty


Lacy went pee on the potty for the first time today. It was so exciting. I know it doesn't mean she is potty trained, i am just so glad she likes to try and isn't afraid. It was a wonderful moment. Good Job Lacy

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hair And Gardens


So hair first...
Lacy let me do her hair yesterday:) It was joyous day. You know i had a girl so i could do her hair and she has been bald since birth..so now that she finally has a little bit of hair, i am so excited. The side pony and flower only lasted two hours, but they were a great two hours:)
The self realization center in Encinitas, Ca
This is not a place to take kids because its supposed to be a quiet place to think, well i really wanted to go, so we went. We didn't get too many strange looks, maybe a couple laughs. It was so beautiful. It is set right above the beach, and we went at sunset so it was just gorgeous. The kids had so much energy all they wanted to do was run around. And Lacy has this really loud scream these days, that didn't help. They did get out all there energy for the 30 min ride back home.

I had my Aunt Chris take a pix of me, since i don't have hardly any.

It was Great fun. My Aunt Chris and Uncle Carl came too. They helped keep an eye on the kids and it was nice to visit with them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



I invited my grandparents to hang out with us for a couple hours on Halloween. They came with us to our ward activity. It was a lot of fun to have them there. We enjoyed some yummy Chili and mac and cheese. I took my special chili and it was a hit cause it was all gone. I was so sad cause i really wanted to bring some home. I guess it was just that good. My grandparents were nice enough to pass out our candy while Brent and i took the kids around. It was so much fun. Ryan took off and we constantly had to call him back. He couldn't get the candy fast enough. Ryan was a pirate this year. He looked so cute in his costume. He had an eye patch and a sword that we didn't get any pictures of :(
Lacy was a cute little pumpkin half the night and a Ninja the other half( I'll explain a little later) After this we went to a nice neighborhood and got some great candy. Lacy and Ryan ate so much they really haven't asked for any since then.
They had a parade, which i thought was a great idea. We got to walk all around and show off the cute kids.

Here is the clan, again!

This is how he looked all night. He is so cute. I would definitely give this little boy all the candy he wanted.

This is my favorite costume i ever seen. It is so creative, i just had to take a pix.

Friday-Halloween Eve


Friday i got Ryan and Lacy all dressed up and we met some friends at a local school for the Fall Festival. Don't they just look so cute. We played a couple games and let the kids run around a bit.
I think they had more fun running around than playing the games!

This is Lacy the ninja girl. Or Lacy without her pumpkin costume on. She looked like a ninja for most of the Halloween festivities. And everyone thought she was a boy...Hello take one good look at her. Does she look like a boy to you? Maybe a really really cute boy...with earrings!!!
After the Festival we drove to Ensanitas to go to my Uncles new coffee shoppe. They had these girls singing that are going to be featured on the Disney channel. I thought it would be neat to see them before they got all big and famous. My uncle treated us to yummy hot cocoa and the best darn chocolate cake Ive ever had. Brent doesn't even like cake and he ate a whole piece by himself.

Here is Lacy checking out the hot cocoa. She wanted to make sure it was good before we tried it.

It almost looks like a beard, huh?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carvin


So as i was shopping at the mall yesterday and ,against my better judgment, decided to stop in and say hi to See's candy. Yummy :)-
All i really wanted was the free tasty but once i got in i felt bad for just walking out so i decided i would buy the family a sucker. I grew up eating them. They are sooo good. 1 vanilla, two chocolate, and 1 butterscotch. We were carving pumpkins that night so i decided maybe we would start a tradition and eat See's candy suckers while carving pumpkins. After looking back at pix I'm not sure it will stick. The kids' faces are a mess in every pix, and that my be my fault for not washing them off, but they were in the middle of eating. Anyways, The night was great. We started off with Criswell's family famous taco night. My Favorite. Then we got out our pumpkins and started the carvin. Ryan was so amazed that they had all that gunk inside. He was so amazed by it that I'm pretty sure he had forgotten since last year. Brent helped Ryan carve his pumpkin and I worked on mine while Lacy watched me. She was content the whole time just sitting in her highchair eating away at her vanilla sucker.
Here she is so happy

Ryan and Brent workin away

This as close to pumpkin carvin as Lacy got

The done deal
( i don't recommend the circle thing, it was really hard)

Once they had the candle inside Lacy thought it was the greatest thing


I don't really need to write much just look at the pix. She spent the whole 2 min trying to take off the bandanna. But she is so cute. Too bad i didn't put on the stripped pants.