Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Schnep Farms


We went to schnep farms last week for our playgroup. The husbands were invited to this one, which was a great idea. We had so much fun. It was so hot that day, we didn't last as long as i would have liked. But we still had a blast. Our favorite was the roller coaster. Ryan was just big enought to go on. It makes me want to go back to Disneyland.

buzzin' like a bee!

Petting the dirty goats

My two boys

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So these were the high lights of my day. Lacy turned four months
old this weekend and i've been waiting to give her rice b/c your
"supposed" to wait. Hopefully she will sleep for a long time tonight.
She does about eight hours right now but i would so enjoy 12 hours
staight. She did pretty good. She ate about half of what i made, which
was quite a bit. Ryan enjoyed helping feed her. Brent was trying to
get him to taste some, which of course he didnt want to. So Brent
asked him that if mommy tried it would he and then he said yes. So i
tried it then Ryan did and then Brent did. We all had baby rice for a
snack. Yummy!!
Ryan told me to put Lacy on his bike because he wanted to ride with her
so i thought that it would be cute. Well it was for a picture and Ryan liked
it but Lacy didnt like it too much.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Im back!!


I am not the best at posting things as many can tell, since my last
post was like 8 months ago, so i am starting over from now.
I wont be the best at posting things but i will try.
This is our camping trip we just went on. We went with our friends
Kristin and Darcy myers and Nick and Amanda Kriese. We all had
a blast. The wheather was perfect and it was beautifull. The kids
just played and got so dirty. We went for a little hike. We couldnt
go very far with 6 adults and 7 kids, two of them babies. We also
tried to all cook with just one fire. It was so much fun and i want
to go again next time the wheather permits.
Ryan, Carter and Kiley looking at a BUG

Just Chillin
up close and chubby


This is the stream we camped by, it was so beautifull

She IS a daddies girl!