Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Week


The beginning of our Christmas week started off with Tiffanie, Josh, and baby Jaxon coming in from Seattle, Washington. The night they got here we threw a surprise birthday party for Josh. His first one ever! It was a blast. All the family came. We celebrated with Josh's favorite, Lasagna and then a very yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cake for desert all thanks to my wonderful mother. Josh was totally surprised.

 We took a pretty awesome family picture. This is all the brothers and sisters, their spouses, nieces and nephews, my uncle and his friend, and my grandparents. I cant imagine what it will be like in another 5 years. We will need a bigger room:)
 We had lots of cousin time. It was so fun to have Lacy and Jaxon play so good together.

 A couple days later we all met up at my house. My mom had surprised everyone with matching shirts. Kind of an inside joke in our house. We all went out to eat at The Money Pitt in San Marcos. I introduced Tiffanie to it last summer and she insists on going there when she comes to visit. We then met up at my uncles diner in Ensanitas for some hot cocoa and then headed to the beach for some family pictures that i am sad to say didn't turn out. Don't take pictures in the dark...
 Christmas Eve we headed over to my Brother Troy's house. There was lots of Wii playing!
 and lots of opening presents
 Grandma and ALL  her grand kids
 WHAT is this....
Josh, Zach and Brent all got remote control helicopters for Christmas. Pretty much any spare time they had they spent flying the around and having races.
 When we got home we did our good ol' pj party.
Lacy, Jaxon, Ryan
Here are the kids about to put the rain deer food out on the front porch. It was so fun this year. The kids were super excited about Santa coming. Up next is the Christmas post.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Honey Turned 30!!! * NOV 14th *


 I am a slacker and didn't post this a month ago, but i felt like i still should. We celebrated over a two day period, not really on purpose, that's just what happened. Saturday we did our family pictures( below), then came home and dropped the kids off with my family. We went out to dinner at Red Robin (yum:) and then went and saw a movie. My sister Hannah kept saying how boring we were to go to a dinner and a movie, but we had gift cards to both things. Free is okay with me. We had a great time. I love that after almost eight years we still enjoy each others company. I wouldn't want to spend a night any other way than being with my hubby. I am thankful for birthdays. My family has always celebrated big. not necessarily in presents but just making that persons day special. Sunday morning we had the special birthday pancakes. Later, after church, we had presents and carne asade. Brent's all time favorite meal.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One year older..


My baby turned 5 today! I just cant believe it.


We headed out for Disneyland early in the morning and stopped by our favorite donut shop, Ryan picked out his favorite and we sung him 'the song.' We had to substitute donuts for the normal tradition of pancakes but we were all happy. We then headed off to a day at Disney. I forgot my camera in the car( so mad!) We had a fun time until i realized Ryan just wasn't acting himself and wouldn't go on almost any ride. After a few hours i finally decided that he had an ear infection. ( Me- Dr. Mom) We decided to leave early and head for Applebee's, his choice for his birthday dinner.

Here is Ryan at Applebee's with his new toy he got to pick out at Disney. It was a great day spent spoiling this perfect little boy. I couldn't ask for a better son.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids say the dardest things...


Me- Brent look at their( Ryan and Lacy) eyes. They are both blue but they looks so different.
Lacy- No my eyes aren't blue, they are PINK.
Me- Really, so what color are my eyes?
Lacy -PINK
Me- What color is Ryan's eyes?
Lacy- Blue
Me- What color are Daddy's eyes?
Lacy- Blue

So from this i get that Girls have pink eyes and boys have blue eyes. Something i never new before.

I love disneyland, i cant wait to go to disneyland for my birthday. I love all the creatures there.
Me- creatures.. you mean characters... lol

I sure do love my kids, they make me laugh everyday:)

Friday, November 12, 2010



My wonderful mom was watching my niece and nephew yesterday, which is always a blast for my kids since they are all so close in age. My mom made sugar cookies and then traced all four kids hand prints on paper then covered the paper with wax paper. She then spent who knows how long cutting out 12 little hands all in there individual hand shapes. After dinner we painted them into turkeys. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the turkey event...

This is(above) how the cookies started out. Well plus one finger that Ryan ate off.



The painting begins

Some went straight to eating! I think Lacy ate more frosting than what went on her cookie.

You can never go wrong frosting sugar cookies. I have never done Thanksgiving cookies in the past, but i might have to start a new tradition:0 Thanks Grandma

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!


Today we celebrated Hannah's 14th birthday.  It was such a fun day. It started off with The yummiest french toast for breakfast, then off to church. We came home and made the birthday food. On the closest Sunday to our birthday we get to choose what we want for dinner and desert. Hannah chose one of my specialties ( my mom actually make it though.) Italian chicken with rice and corn on the cob. For desert my mom made a Brownie chocolate chip ice cream cake. It was by far the BEST cake i have ever had. Hannah actually thought that it was from a store, she was shocked to know it was homemade. I think homemade things are always better:)
Here are some pictures of the night...

            Hannah got some good gifts and we played some fun games. I actually hid her present, which was the new Taylor swift CD, and hid the clues in balloons throughout the house and she had to pop all the balloons and put the clues together to find it. I hid it in the toilet tank. It took her a while to figure it out. We also blind folded her put bright lipstick on and make her play pin the kiss on the cute guy. Lets just say she is a big fan of Taylor or "Jacob." She was totally embarrassed and it was so fun.

My uncle Jimmy put on the socks that he gave to Hannah and we decided he looked like Eeyore, so he went and got my Eeyore cup and tried to look just like him. I think he got pretty close.
I love spending time with my family. Its always loud and crazy, but so much fun.I love that all our kids get along so great. I love having a big family. We definitely miss the ones who aren't close anymore and cant be at our family functions...TIFFANIE. Maybe one day we will all live close to each other.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkins and Things


I got the kids little pumpkins to paint thinking this would keep them busy for a while. Well it only lasted about then minutes, but it was a lot of fun and they were really excited about it. Can you believe this is the best picture i could get of them smiling. Usually they love smiling for pictures.
Ryan's pumpkin

Lacy's pumpkin

Ryan started baseball in is Jr. Sports class. He is loving it. He has been so good at all the sports he tries. He cant wait till the next week comes around. I already signed him up for a baseball league in the spring. We cant wait:)
(Ryan is the last one on the left)

And of course we cant forget Lacy. This is her feeding the dolphin a candy corn. She is just so precious. I think she loves going to Ryan's sports just as much as he does.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Life


It has been hard to get to the computer lately to blog. I really enjoy it too so i don't know what is wrong with me. I actually have like ten other things i need to get done right now so here is just a highlight of some happenings at the Longhurst house.Lamby was lost for two whole days. This was a tragedy. I actually cried about it and so did Lacy. I swear we looked everywhere. I would randomly throughout the day recruit everyone to get up and look for Lamby. Well a couple days later it was found in the vase, washy thingy. It wasn't sticking out like that, it was all the way in. Ryan said he hid it in there. I'm not so sure i believe him but we were so happy to find it.
We have been spending time with family. I love living so close to my grandparents.

I took out the Halloween box and Ryan and his friends have been playing dress up ever since.

Here are me and the kids

We went to the park to play and it got dark, but look at this cute picture i got:)

We have also started something new as a family. Have you ever heard of Geo caching? If you haven't you need to look it up. Its basically a big game of hide and seek. The kids aren't quite old enough to help all the much but they like finding 'treasure.'

And.....My little brother Zack moved here from AZ this weekend to prepare for his mission. It is already a lot of fun having him here. I cant wait till he gets his papers and we find out where he is going:)
That's it for now. Hopefully i can be more diligent and keep up with my blogging.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday


Oh birthdays are so much fun, especially when its your birthday. I think this was one of my favorites for sure. Mt bestest friend Kaylea and her two sisters drove over from AZ Friday night. We had a blast sat. night laughing until way too late at night. The next morning we drove to Disneyland with NO kids. We got matching shirts and were on our way to a day of fun. Here is my 'twinner' and i dancing through main street all lit up!
Kaylea, me, Marinda, and Lana

And of course woody..
The new parade is a dancing parade. It was way different than the parades i have seen in the past, but it was pretty good. At one point they were pulling little kids out to dance and the four of us went out and starting dancing, it was so fun.

Me and Kaylea! Thanks for coming and making my birthday so much fun:)

Kaylea took this picture!
Look at how beautiful. They changed the fireworks too since i had been last and it was the most amazing firework show i have ever been too. Probably the best part of the night.

And since its almost Halloween they had DL all decorated. Even the rides had different Halloween decorations in it.

On Sunday we said a fast good bye to our friends( church was at 10:30 and we were running late, AND it was the primary program which Ryan was in.) After we got home we had My Brother Troy and his family over for dinner. We then went out and tried to find a cache. Its this new thing( to us) where people go out and hide boxes with random stuff and you have to go out and try and find it. You sign in and take something out of the box and replace it with something you have. Well needless to say, you shouldn't go at night b/c we tried to find two and didn't find either.

Then on Monday ,my actual Birthday, my lovely neighbor watched the kids while me and my Mom went shopping at the mall and out to lunch at BJ's my favorite. Here is me and my pazzoki. Yum yum

Later that night Brent and i went out. We went to the mall and got my wedding ring fixed and re dipped. It has never had anything done to it in over 7 years. I have been wanting it done for a while so it was a great present. I picked out a few new shirts( which always makes me happy.!) We then went to see a movie.

Here is a cute picture of us waiting to get in. My family is amazing. everyone made my day extra special. Just when you think you are getting too old to have a fun birthday life surprises you with an extra good one. Thanks to all that made it special. Love you all !!!!