Sunday, August 30, 2009

Its Finally Here


Its finally not ME having the baby in my family... My older sister Tiffanie is having her baby today. Hopefully today. She has already been at the hospital for 27 hours. She just got her epidural. So keep your fingers crossed that Baby Jaxon will make his appearance tonight. Tiffanie is a month early. Her water broke two nights ago so they had to induce her Labor. She is being a trooper. My mom and i are stepping in for Josh since he is in Korea and wont make it home for the birth. I am so sad for them that he wont be able to be there. I am glad that My mom and can be there for her. Ill post pictures after he is finally here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ryan and mommy time


This first pix is not mommy and Ryan time. I dropped a thing of toothpicks and then got busy. I went into the kitchen a bit latter and this is what i find. Kids are crazy.This is mommy and Ryan time. When Lacy takes her morning nap Ryan and i spend some time together. I try to do an activity with him. I tried "lessons" for a while but i don't think he was quite ready for that. So now we do projects. Today was stamping. He loved it. Our newest tradition is having hot cocoa when we do our project. ( it has to be the kind with marshmallows)
I really enjoy my time with just Ryan. He is so talented when it comes to drawing, painting, pretty much anything artistic and he loves it.

My Apartment in San Diego


So everyone has been asking for pix of the new , much smaller, Longhurst home. Well here it is. It is actually quite nice. I miss the space but i don't miss cleaning it. It takes only a couple minutes to sweep and vacuum. In the picture below- i know the wall hangings are high, but my little rascal Lacy climbs up on the couch and tries to pull everything down, so my solution was to hang everything higher. I am used to it now but it bugged me at first.
This is the little hall leading straight back to the master bedroom and then to the right is the bathroom and the laundry room/closet.To the left is Lacy's room and the door to the right is Ryan's room.

kitchen- do you see the green right out the window. it is so lovely:)

Family room

Dining room/ entry
I really miss having a house. I miss having a backyard. I miss my garage. I miss carrying groceries right into my house as opposed to up a flight of stairs, BUT i love living here in San Diego, i love our ward, i love the weather, i love having a great pool so close, and i love having less to clean. I am just so grateful that we have a place to live and Brent has a great job with a great company. I have healthy children, an amazing husband, food to eat, two cars that work great and the Gospel. I am truly blest :)

Monday, August 24, 2009



So if you ever come to San Diego and you are going to pay to go to a museum, i highly recomend this one. Especially if you have little boys. It was so amazing. And kids under 9 are free. This ship was bigger than anything i have ever seen. Bigger than a cruise ship even. They have this guided tour by headphones. So you walk up to something you want to learn about and press the number into the keypad( came with the headphones) and then it tells you all about it. Ryan was a little afraid only because they had manicanes at different places on the ship and he thought they were dead people. Kind of sad but mostly funny:)
Thats the ship behind them


can i drive...

They loved sitting in it for a split second

inside they had a couple different very old broken planes for the kids to play in. I know they dont look happy in this pix but they really are:>

Saturday, August 22, 2009



After more than 7 years of doing hair i finally got brave enough( or should i say desperate enough) to cut my own hair. Nothing major, i just trimmed the bottom and cut more bangs. I think it looks good. I haven't dried or straightened it yet so we shall see. Oh and i give a talk tomorrow in my new ward. I am pretty nervous. I totally hate public speaking, but i also feel its a good challenge. Hope i don't pass out or pee my pants. he he

Friday, August 21, 2009

I hate Bee's




Sunday, August 16, 2009

Flower Power


So thnx to my friend Kaylea who posted on her blog recently about making those dang cute flower clips, i decided to pull out all the stuff i bought forever ago to make them. They were super easy and so much fun to make. Warning: if you start to make them they are totally addicting. I wanted to keep making more and then i realized that no one needs 30 hair clips, so i stopped. I cant wait till Lacy gets enough hair so i can make some little ones for her. These are not the best pictures. I made a cute little thing to hang them in my bathroom so they are not laying at the best angle for pix but i didn't want to take them all down either.

Peanut Butter and Chuck E Cheese


I never knew a kid could love peanut butter so much...
I was busy cooking dinner and Lacy has been teething lately so she was super fussy. So i put her in her high chair and threw some peanut butter her way. I thought she would just play with it and it would keep her occupied. Well much to my surprise she ate the first spoonful and then continually cried for more until i gave her the cup( i had mixed honey and Pb together earlier.) Ryan does not like Pb so i just assumed that she wouldn't either. I love it, so me and Lacy can share Pb sandwiches from now on:)

We met another 'summer mom' and her two kids at good ol' chuck E cheese earlier this week. It was actually a lot of fun. I found these great coupons online that saved us a bunch of money. All the games and rides are only one token which i thought was just amazing cause they actually had some good ones. They even had a play area for babies. It was so much fun and i cant wait to go
back.( i sound like a kid, huh?)
Lacy happily playing in 'her' play area

I love Ryan's face in this one

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Shower


Tiffanie's baby shower turned out great. I just cant believe that very soon My sister will be having a baby. I am so excited, and i am thrilled that it is a boy. They are great to have First:) Tiffanie will be a great mother and i cant wait till we can live close again and raise our babies together.
Look how beautiful she is, she looks so good for being 8 months pregnant.
Candice, Hilarie, Mom, Tiffanie

Goodbye Arizona we wont see you again for a LONG time.

Arizona Trip


So i ventured yet again to Arizona HOT HOT AZ. What was i thinking? Its so HOT. But we had a good time and we lived through it. My main reason for going was My sisters baby shower that i was throwing for her. It turned out great. She got a lot of things she will need for her first baby. It was fun to see old friends and just have a good time. Ryan and i got to go visit our friends Shaun and Kati. Its always so fun especially now that our kids are getting old enough to actually play with each other. Thanks Shaun for having us over:)
Another part of the planned trip was to say good bye to our Dog. We have had gabby for 5 1/2 years. She was our first "child." It was a very hard decision to let her go. But it was also way hard on me in a little apt with two small kids. It wasn't like a house where you could open the back door and let her do her business. Once we made the decision i felt guilty every time i thought about it, but there were already arrangements made for her and we couldn't back out. I guess i probably wouldn't have anyways. She has a good home now with a family that will love her and most likely give her way more attention that we were able to give. I cried the whole time i was at there house dropping her off. It was pretty embarrassing, although i am sure they understood. I told Ryan that the reason we had to get her a new home was because it was hard for me to take her down the stairs and that i had to leave them up there sometimes, so on the way back to my moms Ryan kept saying that he would take her down the stairs for me, or that Daddy would do it. It was so sad.
So far i am not quite used to it. I still come home and look for her to be waiting at the door. I still drop food in the kitchen and look down to see if she is getting it. AND man oh man is my floor dirty. I swear i never had to mop because that was Gabby's job. No wonder why she was fat. Lacy drops ( i mean throws) so much food i could probably feed a small town in Africa. But we are getting used to it and Ryan is already talking about 'when we get a house we can get another Gabby dog.' I havent told him that that might be a LONG time from now.

The Random Things We Have Been Up To!


Here ares some random pix of things we have been doing. This is not my child, i swear!!!
The beach with friends

swimming in the pool. Lacy kept putting the bucket on her head, so cute:>

Outlet mall with sister Hannah

Hiking with dad
Meeting a horse named Lacy, how funny is that

Ryan 's drawing of people, i just love how creative they are.

Off to the Zoo

We really enjoyed having Hannah with us for a few weeks. She was so much help and was fun company. We miss you Hannah...Come back>