Friday, December 9, 2011

Ryan gets older


 Ryan turned 6 on December 1st. Its crazy how time fly's and how your kids are just all of a sudden older. Ryan has been wanting a friend party forever, so we decided this was the year and STAR WARS was the fun theme. He had his friends from church come over and there was a lot of them. 10 six years olds made quite a house full. We played some fun games..

 capture the death star

Jedi training obstacle course

and best of all fighting off Darth Vader!

We then had Ryan's favorite food of all time.. Pizza

Ryan had a blast opening presents and he got so many neat things, thanks friends :)

Then best of all.. THE CAKE
My friend made this cake for Ryan. It turned out so so good. All the kids loved it.


The party was a great success. Ryan will hopefully remember this cause its not happening again for a long time!!