Friday, February 25, 2011



Thursday, February 24, 2011

SnOw 2-21


We went up for a quick visit to the snow on presidents day with our friends. My friends parents run the scout camps up here so we got to enjoy the amenities and great snow that we had all to ourselves. I don't really need to write much, the pictures tell how great it was.

 Lacy's first time in the snow ( that she can remember:)
 She LOVED eating it
 Ryan had no fear and went down the hill probably 50 times. They had a ramp out of snow and he jumped that a bunch. He is so little that he got plenty of air.
 My friend Jen and her son Carson
 Hannah throwing snow balls, can you see it coming at me!
 They had just gotten two feet of fresh snow. It was beautiful. And when you are all bundled up you don't really feel the cold.
Hannah and her friends made snowmen on sleds and then had races. It was cool to watch. Hannah's won!

V day and Friends 2-14


Happy Valentines Day!!
This year we kept it pretty simple. Brent got me a triple chocolate dipped apple. It was as good as it looks

 I made the kids heart shaped brownies!
 The boys were thrilled

Our good friends Shelley and Dave and their precious baby Ella came for a visit on there drive through back home. They were supposed to stay and play but had to leave early.
 I love to have the kind of friend that no matter how long in between talking we are still best friends!

Ella, Dave, Brent, and Lacy

Long Time No See 2-5


Grandpa and Grandma Longhurst came for a short visit. We haven't seen them for over a year, so it was a much needed visit. They were really great with the kids. Lacy didn't quite remember them but it didn't take long for her to love them.

They loved to play with Grandpa while i learned to crochet from Grandma:0
It was a lot of fun and we hope to see them again. Sooner than later!

Disney with Friends Feb. 1


When we went to Disney for Ryan's 5th birthday he ended up getting sick and we left half way through our day. I went and asked if they would give us half day passes to come back and finish our day another time and they did. They even gave us free parking. So what better way to come back and enjoy Disney than with friends. My great friend Shaun came to Disney for their family vaca and invited us along. We only had the night there but it was amazing. There was almost no one there. We walked on every ride. Ryan, Lacy, Katie, and Abby all got to play together, and so did me and Shaun:)

 Right when we got there Mickey and Minnie were right there. Lacy was so so excited as you can see in her face. Ryan was a little apprehensive. Not because he was scared i think he was worried about his "image."