Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to Cali


I love how i always mess up the order of the pictures. One day i will learn:)
So The trip to az was great. Almost too good. I didnt want to leave, but i did miss Brent alot and i know he missed us. My sister was so nice to let us all stay at her house. Its weird to come back and not have my own house to stay at. My mom is living with my sister Tiffanie while her husband is in korea so with Tiffanie, my mom, and her two kids still at home and then me and my two kids( and the dog) that makes 7 people staying there. It was crowded and i couldnt seem to keep it clean but it was so much fun. I spent alot of time with my two sisters Tiffanie and Hannah. We had a girls night and went for ice cream and then to wally world. I got to spend time with almost all my friends. If i didnt get you this time i will be out again in a month or so. the weather was perfect the week i was there. Thank you.. I wasnt looking forward to the 100's. I am pretty spoiled here in San Diego. The weather really is perfect almost all the time. These are out of order...
So when we got back from az we went with some of our friends to Belmont park. It is the most beautiful beach and in it is a small amusement park. They had a huge roller coaster it was 6 bucks to go on but sooo fun. I was sad that Ryan wasnt tall enough to go on although it was probably good cause it was pretty intense. Here are me and the kids on the carousal. Lacy looks like an alien. The lighting is really bad and thats how it turned out. I think i need to learn how to use photo shop. The kids loved it.
This is lacy and i that night. There really is not purpose for me putting this up here besides i like how i look in the picture.

This is Ryan and his friend Ethan playing at the park in the rain. I was so much fun. Ryan really enjoyed playing with all his friends.

Ryan and Katie swimming. Thats one great thing about the az heat. Its always a great day to go swimming and we did plenty of it while we were there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back in Az


I am here in Arizona and loving it. Well not the weather, but everything else. I have been at the pool everyday since i have been here and it has been great. I remembered that you can stand the AZ heat if you are wet and next to a pool. I am excited to hang out with all my friends and i am already having a blast with my family. Ryan is loving being back. He asked me why we cant just live here. Its kinda sad. I know he misses it and there's nothing i can really do. Hopefully soon we will find him a bunch of friends in San Diego. So i didn't bring the cord for my computer so there wont be any pix until i get back. Too bad:)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Mothers Day


Mothers Day is always funny for me. I don't really know what to expect. You always here how we should be pampered..breakfast in bed, sleep in, don't take care of the kids, no chores, no cooking. Well does that happen for anyone else?? This year actually was pretty nice. I did enjoy some of those things. Its funny i told Brent that i didn't want him to buy me anything this year. I don't really need anything and its an extra way to save money, but you should have seen the look on his face he looked relieved and kinda like " well that was easy, now i don't have to do any thing." That is until i said "well honey, you can still do other things for me. Like ( all the above mentioned things.) And he goes "oh...okay!" So i wake up in the morning to Lacy screaming on the kitchen floor and Ryan throwing up everywhere. It was a pretty funny site. Brent did let me sleep in, he made breakfast, he let me go to church alone( you know since Ryan was sick), and i got a nap in the afternoon. It was a good day. Later on we went to the really cool bridge. It has a lake under it but its funny cause its filled with dead trees. It was a beautiful day here to go for a walk as well. Enjoy the Pix. Oh and i hope all of you had a wonderful mothers day.

Oh yes here the dinner that i made. If Brent made dinner i think it would have been forzen burritos. I chose roast, potatoes and broccoli. Yummy

Oh and i painted mine and Lacy's toe nails today. Lacy didnt like it so much. It took like 30 min to do hers cause she wouldnt sit still and she kept grabbing the polish off her toes. But they sure are cute

Beach Day with Dad


So last Friday we met Brent down at the beach for lunch. ( He works all day and since he works far away right now we don't see him all day. Its a special treat to see him if only for a couple hours one day.) I didn't take many pictures of the actual beach and maybe because i was so cold. Its hit and miss coming to the beach. I left our house and it was 75 and i get to the beach and its in the low 60s.But the day was great. Afterwards we hit up DQ. Oh i love a good blizzard. It was fun taking pictures of us all eating. We look pretty silly:)

Dad and son are so much alike. Can you see in both there pix their eyes are closed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its hard to get back on track!!!


So i have had my computer up and running for four our five days now and i am just now getting on. I knew that once i got on here that it would take me a while to check my 300 new emails and then i would need to post all that has been going on. On top of all that i felt guilty getting on here cause there is so much to do around the house. So after getting not quite enough done and figuring that i will probably never be done i decided i better just get on the computer and just spend a couple hours catching up. So here i am...
Moving twice in two weeks was not the funnest thing ever, BUT i am so glad i did. My mom and my little sister Hannah came to help me. I seriously don't know what i would have done if they didn't come. My mom is a saint and i love her so much. I hope that i can be as good of a mother as she is. She helped with the kids and unpacked my whole kitchen. I would much rather her do it cause she is much more of an organized person than i am.
We moved Thursday and Friday. Friday we all went to the beach, it was a good break. My mom left sat. to spend time with my brother and his family that live here. Sat night we went to a bon fire with friends from Brent's work. Sunday we went to my nieces birthday party. I didn't get any pix of her cause they wouldn't stop running around. She turned 5. And now Ryan thinks he needs to be 5. This is all he talks about now. This is my uncle jimmy. I love him to death. He has been so close with my family. I remember him being around at all the family functions and like every Christmas. He probably held me just like that when i was a baby.
My brother Troy on the left and his friends

My beautiful mother

Of course Ryan and lacy




= the best smores EVER. You have to try it.

This is my new hair style since i cant wear it straight here

This is Ryan and his friend Lauren


Lacy eating sand. She just loves it.


Ryan and Hannah making sand castles

Me and Lacy trying to stay warm.