Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Great Spiritual Experiance


So Brent and i were on our way out the door this morning to go on a much needed temple trip. Lacy was in the car and Ryan came back in to get his monkey. We searched for over ten minutes for it and just couldn't find it. I mean i was looking in drawers and cupboards. I was desperate, and then the thought came to me to have Ryan say a prayer to help find it. So i went and got him and told him we were going to pray to heavenly father to help us find monkey. We knelt down by the couch and i helped him to say a prayer. When we were finished we talked a little bit about where he had last seen his monkey and he said his room. So before getting up to go i turned around on my knees and there it was, behind the rocking chair underneath some clothes. I know that i would have eventually found it, but if i hadn't been on my knees with Ryan we wouldn't have seen it before we left for the day. Ryan and i talked about how heavenly father can help, even with small things, they key is that you have to ask.
The other great thing that happened was when we were dropping the kids off at my sisters, Ryan picked a flower and brought it to me and asked me to give it to Jesus at the Temple. How cute huh..

SnOw FuN


This past weekend we went on a company snow trip. It was a blast. It was even better cause it was free. The cabin we stayed in was so nice. I want to go again. The weather was great. during the day you hardly needed a jacket. Ryan had been to the snow before but i am pretty sure he forgot what it was.Lacy was so funny when we went sledding, Brent would take her down this really big hill and she would just have this expression on her face like nothing even happened. The only thing i think she liked about the snow was eating it:)
Ryan on the other hand was a natural, he loved everything about it. He climbed right up the biggest part of the mountain and was not even the least bit scared to go down it. I was more afraid than he was.

Luckily there was another family that came that had a little boy Ryan's age and they just played and played together. We all were happy about that.

Here is our cute little cabin. I miss it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day


So Valentine's Day was a good day:)Lacy Lou loved it too!
( I just cant get a great pix of her, its either blurry or she is making a retarded face at the flash, so sorry for the blurriness)
Ryan got a shark and a whale and of course some candy, he couldn't have been happier

I think i got the best present of all...a message:)

Here is such a cute family pix to capture the moment,minus me of course. geez don't Brent and Ryan look identical. They are both so handsome.

And last but not least, i made these fabulous heart shaped pancakes. I felt like such a great mom. Sometimes you just need to do something corny to make yourself feel good:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zoo fun


We went for play group and it ended up just being me and the kids which actually turned out great. It was nice to have time with just them. I got to focus on Ryan and what he wanted to do. I love Lacy in this pix. This is the true face of a curious baby. She is sitting with grass in her hand just trying to figure it all out. I just love her:)
I love this one too. Of course i couldn't get both of them to look with there eyes OPEN.

Oh he is just too cute

...and so is she

The Park


This is at 'Kati's park' as Ryan says. He always asks to come here so i called up Shaun (who recently had a baby) and we went down to the park with all four kids. Its funny the more kids you and your friends have the bigger the group becomes. I know this is totally an obvious thing but not that long ago we could go out and there would only be two kids now we go out and there are four. Boom just like that. Are we going to even be able to hang out in five years? Just a silly thought...I actually caught Lacy smiling( usually my camera is not fast enough to catch the precious moment, even if it is blurry.)