Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lacy's 4th Birthday


( Yes.. still playing catch up)

So i swore i would have Hailey early so i wouldn't have to worry about having a baby on or so close to Lacy's birthday, but that didn't happen. So their birthdays are only three days apart. At least they are both girls and can someday have a princess party together!

Lacy's Special Day

Of course we had to start the day of with the birthday pancakes. yum!
We had a good day that day. Since i had only had a baby a few days before we kept it pretty simple and hung around the house. Until it came down to dinner and off to Red Robin we went.

 And oh how yummy it was!
Red Robin YUMMM

Lacy got her special birthday dessert
Then we headed Home to open presents. She got this awesome tangled doll that sings, strawberry shortcake stuff and a bunch of clothes. She was a happy girl.

A few days later we took her to chuckie cheese to celebrate with her friends. We wanted this to be a fun year for her since she had to share her special time with her little sister.
A while ago we went here for family night and someone was having a party. Ever since Lacy has said she wants her party here. I was happy cause it was super easy for me.
Lacy loved Chuckie! I thought she might be afraid, but she wasn't. Yeaa

This really was the best party.. they put on a whole show just for her and made her the center of attention:)

Getting ready to blow out the candles

singing and dancing with chuckie

And then of course PRESENTS

Tessa, Lacy, Addie and Rynn

This is the most awesome picture of the whole day,haha
They put the birthday kids in this tall cylinder type thing and lock them in, then turn on a bunch of air with flying tickets all around. Well Lacy was not prepared for all of that and this was the result. So Ryan stepped up to the plate and did it for her. Oh boy was he happy!

He stepped out and handed everything he won over to Lacy. What a nice big brother!
All in all it was a great birthday for Lacy. She actually never seemed to mind sharing her special birthday time with her new little sister. Through this all Lacy has been amazing. She loves Hailey to pieces and so do we:)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



The day after we got home from the hospital was Fathers Day
It was awesome to have Hailey here to celebrate with us.

Brent got a new baseball glove

The kids had a bunch of homemade gifts for dad, I think Ryan gave Brent all his money. I told him the thought was really nice but that dad didn't need ALL his money.
Grandma Longhurst flew in from Mexico just in time to be a big help.
The kids had a great time with their Grandma:)
Ryan and Lacy just loved Hailey to pieces!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Birth Story


The Birth Story

So i didnt think i had time to write down the story of Hailey's birth but then i thought i might like to look back and remember all the little things that im sure to forget. So here goes!

I first want to start with my mistake. It was a big mistake to assume that because i had my first two children exactly 22 days early that i would have this baby early. I didn't think i would go as early but i thought i would be at least two weeks early. So i fly my sister down and Brent's mother makes plans to come down early to help me and then Hailey doesn't come early. 37 weeks pass, then 38 weeks pass and then I'm getting mad.  Especially cause when my doctor checked me at 35 weeks i was already a 2 and 50 percent. So at my 38 week apt i went in and he said my blood pressure was really high and he was worried. He checked me and i was a 4 and 70 percent so he said he wanted to induce me. I couldn't have been happier. I was so done being pregnant. So i get to hospital next morning at 8 am. I was a little nervous since i have never been induced before. By 9 they had me all hooked up and started pitocin. By noon i was only a 5 so the doc came in and broke my water. At this point i chose not to get the epidural cause i wanted to feel what labor was like. Yes a lot crazy, but with Ryan and Lacy i didn't ever feel any pain and got my epi at a 6. So i thought maybe i could do it with out. About 3 yes3 min after they broke my water these crazy hard contractions started. Brent had gone home to eat lunch and check on the kids. I called him and told him to put everything down and get the heck to the hospital. I made it 30 min and told the nurse i had felt enough and wanted the epidural. She said it would be about 15 min. Brent arrived at 1245. So i had been doing the "natural" thing for 45 min in total pain. Brent was my life saver. He was a great support for me, i think i almost broke his hand squeezing so hard. So that 15 min went by and my epi wasn't there yet. It took them another hour to get me my epidural. So i was in this crazy horrible pain for an hour and 45 min. I actually kept my cool. i didn't scream or cry like i wanted to. But when the anesthesiologist came in i lost it and started crying, i was so happy. Brent passed out while i was getting the epi. It was pretty funny to hear the nurse yell out " we've got a dad down." It took a few min for it to work and then i finally got to relax. After only 10-15 min i was complete and ready to push. so i went from a 7 to a 10 in a few min. It only took a few pushes to get her out. Two crazy things happened while i was pushing. Brent just about passed out again so they rushed him to sit down and at that same time Hailey's hand was coming out with her head so they were pulling her out of me. All of which i could feel cause the epi only had time to numb my contractions. But she came out and Brent didn't die and we had our sweet baby we had waited so long for. Hailey had to spend the next few hours in the nursery because she couldn't keep her temp up. Ryan loved her right away and wanted to hold her, lacy wasn't so sure and it took her a while to warm up. Hailey is three weeks old now! Time is flying by, and we all love her to pieces:)

Saturday, June 16, 2012



BORN: JUNE 15th 2012
6 lbs 9 oz
18 1/2 in

 Lacy and Ryan Meeting Hailey for the first time.
Ryan loved her right away
Lacy might take a little more time to warm up
 Ryan Holding his new little sister 
 Aunt Hannah loving on Hailey
 Daddy and Baby Hailey
 Mommy and Baby
 So sweet...
 First diaper change
 All clean and pretty

And pondering her new life... I think she will like it:)

The last of the Baby Bumps


The Day before induction
38 wks 4 days
 38 weeks                 

 36 wks                                        34 wks

Beach Trip With Hannah


With Hannah here on baby watch we decided to have some fun in the process. First stop was ,of course, the beach. We had the perfect day.

Thanks to Hannah I got in the water.. and here are the pictures to prove it. It was actually really nice. Lacy went out pretty far and loved it. I think she is the beach girl of our family:) 

Ryan, Lacy and Hannah built a volcano...It turned out really good.
I cant wait to go again. I love summer time!



So here are some random pix/events from the past few months and in no order. LOL

Lacy falling asleep on the stairs 

Ryan graduating from Kindergarten
WOW where did the time go. 

Lacy's drawing- That thing on top is Hailey in my tummy and that is Lacy on the bottom. Pretty good for not even being 4 yet.

 Ryan finished spring season of baseball. He did an awesome job this year. Its amazing what a little practice and actually wanting to play does. At the end of every game the coach hands our the team ball and cards to the player who did good for one reason or another. Ryan got the game ball and the cards twice. I'm so proud of him

 Ryan falling asleep on the stairs.
 Lacy at gymnastics...
She is a natural...

Friday, June 8, 2012

*Mothers Day* 2012


Mothers Day was a great day. Ryan and lacy spent hours coloring and making me things throughout the week. Brent got me just what i asked for, nothing special, just clinique face wash i really needed. I love to have a day where i can feel so special and get pampered by my family.