Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our New Addition


I had a bunny growing up named Happy. One day we let him out to eat grass in our front yard and someone took him. Since then i have always wanted a bunny. I took the kids to the pet store and we got to hold one. I was in love...Until they said that for the bunny and everything i would need it would cost 180 bucks. Out we went! I went home and looked on craigslist. I found someone who had just got a new baby bunny and ended up being allergic to it. So we scored the bunny, food, cage, and wood chips for 25 dollars. I was so happy. And the greatest part is that she is an amazing bunny. She is so friendly and loves the kids. She is so patient. Needless to say we are in love. Brent said that he got me a baby so i can stop asking.. We shall see.


Our first WARM beach day!!!

I don't really need to write much. It was a perfect day with the cousins at the beach. I love that the kids are old enough now that i can lay and relax and let the kids play.


Gingerbread bunny houses

When everyone came for Christmas this year we bought gingerbread houses and of course got too busy and didn't do it. We didn't want them to go to waist so my wonderful mom came up with the idea to do Easter bunny houses. They turned out great and were so fun to make. See the fun..

 Brent WANTED to make the frosting, he did a great job!

 The kids just wanted to eat everything

Here is the finished product

Hannah was a great help, and isn't this a cool picture!