Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carvin


So as i was shopping at the mall yesterday and ,against my better judgment, decided to stop in and say hi to See's candy. Yummy :)-
All i really wanted was the free tasty but once i got in i felt bad for just walking out so i decided i would buy the family a sucker. I grew up eating them. They are sooo good. 1 vanilla, two chocolate, and 1 butterscotch. We were carving pumpkins that night so i decided maybe we would start a tradition and eat See's candy suckers while carving pumpkins. After looking back at pix I'm not sure it will stick. The kids' faces are a mess in every pix, and that my be my fault for not washing them off, but they were in the middle of eating. Anyways, The night was great. We started off with Criswell's family famous taco night. My Favorite. Then we got out our pumpkins and started the carvin. Ryan was so amazed that they had all that gunk inside. He was so amazed by it that I'm pretty sure he had forgotten since last year. Brent helped Ryan carve his pumpkin and I worked on mine while Lacy watched me. She was content the whole time just sitting in her highchair eating away at her vanilla sucker.
Here she is so happy

Ryan and Brent workin away

This as close to pumpkin carvin as Lacy got

The done deal
( i don't recommend the circle thing, it was really hard)

Once they had the candle inside Lacy thought it was the greatest thing


I don't really need to write much just look at the pix. She spent the whole 2 min trying to take off the bandanna. But she is so cute. Too bad i didn't put on the stripped pants.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumkin Patch Maddness


See how the kids are not looking at the camera, well that is how the whole trip went. They didn't smile for one pix at the same time. BUT besides that factor our pumkin patch trip was a lot of fun.
The kids got to feed some animals. They were so happy. I don't know what it is that fascinates my kids so much about animals, but they just get so happy when ever they see them.
This is what happens when you don't bring a stroller. All she wanted to do was run away from me. And of course Ryan was off in the other direction. They knew i needed my work out.

This is the best i could get out of Lacy. It was warm and she was hungry and there was no way she was going to smile for me.

Ryan couldn't sit still long enough to get a decent pix.

It was a lot of fun though. I'm glad the kids could run around and jump all over the hay. I wasn't too excited about Halloween this year but its getting a little funner. I don't really have a choice to not like Halloween with little kids...too bad.
Christmas is still my favorite.

Day with Dad


The kids and went to AZ this last week and left dad behind. We got home Wednesday night and Brent had Thursday and Friday off. It was so nice to spend time together. After a morning full of getting 'everything' done we decided to have some fun, so off we went to the beach. It was 85 out so we thought we better spend what little warmth we have left being outside. When we were about a mile or so from Del Mar beach it was like we drove straight into a cloud that covered to whole coast. One minute we were in the sun and it was 85 and literally within seconds it was foggy, overcast, and cold and 71. I could not believe it. I wanted it to be sunny so bad. But what can you do. We still went to the beach and had a great time. It actually warmed up a bit. Not the water though, it was stinkin cold. Ryan is the only one who got in and it was only for a min. Here are some highlights of our fun trip. The beach is not the beach with out the trusty boogie board, we just used it a little different way.
Feeding seagulls, Brent was trying to see just how close he could get them. They actually ate the food off the end of the shovel.

Lacy of course ate sand the whole time. No these are not shoelaces covered in sand, its much worse, its seaweed covered in sand. And in her mouth is the bulb thingy that she was chewing on. Yucky

Me and Lacy Lou lounging on the beach

Free Pizza Anyone???


I had an amazing experience at the grocery store the other day and i just thought i would share. So if you are every walking down an isle and there are people standing around a table they might just be doing a research study. If they are you should do it. I DID, and i got 20 bucks and a free pizza. They were doing research on the new packaging for California pizza kitchen pizzas. I just so happened to be walking down the isle when this man starts following me. At first i was a little creeped out until he asked me if i wanted to do the survey, when he mentioned i would get 10 bucks i hopped on. I have been using coupons and shopping deals lately to save money and here he was giving me ten dollars. So i thought i would fill out a questionnaire and be on my way. well not so fast. It was like i was on supermarket sweep.( for those of you who used to watch that show, i loved it) I had to walk down the pizza isle and then come back and he would ask me all these questions. Then he would tell me an item to get and then i would have to turn around and get the item as he was timing me. It was a lot of fun. Then at the end he gave me a pizza to taste and report back and then i get another ten bucks in the mail. It was alot of fun:) Oh i was so proud of myself i had to take a pix of all the groceries i got in one trip, 4 different stores, a hand full of coupons, and only a hundred dollars later. Right there is almost enough food to last two weeks or nine meals and some snacks.( If you cant see, the whole table is full.) Its quite fun to get deals and save money:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lacy Says


I thought i would jot down the new words Lacy says, is seems everyday there is a new word:


nighty night


Ryan(comes out ryra)


bye-bye(its not just the wave anymore)


shoe(comes out shhhhhh)

This all i can think of right now. I love that she is starting to talk. I love to hear her sweet little voice. She is such a cuddly baby. She will always give me a kiss or a hug when i ask for it. She loves to dance with me to music. I just love her. Girls are so fun:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Crazy happenings at McDonalds


So I took the kids to mcdonalds today which is a real treat because we never go there. I met my friend Jessica there with her two kids and we ended up staying for three hours. Wow! what a long time to hear kids screaming. But it was actually nice to sit and have some mommy time and the kids were great the whole time. As we were getting up to leave i called to Lacy and Ryan. A lady stopped me and asked what my kids names were. I told her and her jaw dopped open. She said she was here with her friend and her kids names were Lacy and Ryan. How bizzare is that? Her boy was older and they both had blonde hair and blue eyes. We talked for a while and just thought it was crazy. That doesn't happen too often. We both have very good taste in names :)