Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trip to UTAH~ Dec 2011 ~


So for My Christmas present this year i told Brent that i wanted us to go to Logan Utah and stay with my sister. After much debate he agreed. ( I'm pretty sure he just figured it was a heck of a lot easier than shopping for me..) We haven't traveled at Christmas time since Ryan was a baby, it has a gotten a little harder since having older kids. It took some swift maneuvers to get all the presents transferred with out notice from small eyes. It was worth the long drive. We had a blast and were sad to leave. I wish all my family lived closer :( Here are the highlights of our trip.

To break up our 13 hour car trip a bit we decided to stay with our good friends in Cedar City where Brent and i went to school about 8 years ago. It was a great visit. Our kids got to play together and we even got a babysitter and went to a movie. Oh and while i did hair the husbands and kids got to go quad riding. A must in Utah. Haha
 Dave, Shelley, Me and Brent

After our visit in Cedar we met my sister and her hubby and kid at the Salt Lake city temple to view its beautiful lights. I could not believe how cold it was. My face actually hurt it was so cold. After the temple we met Brent's oldest sister for hot coco and cookies. Just perfect for that cold weather. It was nice to visit with her. We hadn't seen her in a long time.
We then drove up to Logan and settled in there. Here is some of our fun adventures while in Logan..

Christmas Eve
 Josh's cousins invited us all to go horse back riding. I haven't been since our honeymoon.And the kids have never been. I was a tons of fun. Although i think we all were a little sore for the next few days

Christmas Eve Night
We did our family tradition of opening one present and its ALWAYS pj's.
I love this tradition and so do the kids.

 Putting out the reindeer food

Good Night Everyone..

 Christmas Morning
 Ryan got a RC truck just like Dads
 Lacy got barbies and a play tent
 Their own camera's so they stop using mine :)
 And finally a wii. I think we are the last people on the planet to get one.. lol

 Church on Christmas Morning
 Skyping with our missionary brother
 And of course playing in the snow
 We actually had to drive to get to the snow. In the week that we were in Utah it snowed two times and just enough to put a little powder on the ground. Luckily we only drove about 20 min. The snow was so soft. We couldn't even make a snowball but perfect to eat. Yum yum!
 And of course we had to eat some yummy Ice cream at Charlies
And that was our trip to Utah fun and memorable.