Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Week


The beginning of our Christmas week started off with Tiffanie, Josh, and baby Jaxon coming in from Seattle, Washington. The night they got here we threw a surprise birthday party for Josh. His first one ever! It was a blast. All the family came. We celebrated with Josh's favorite, Lasagna and then a very yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cake for desert all thanks to my wonderful mother. Josh was totally surprised.

 We took a pretty awesome family picture. This is all the brothers and sisters, their spouses, nieces and nephews, my uncle and his friend, and my grandparents. I cant imagine what it will be like in another 5 years. We will need a bigger room:)
 We had lots of cousin time. It was so fun to have Lacy and Jaxon play so good together.

 A couple days later we all met up at my house. My mom had surprised everyone with matching shirts. Kind of an inside joke in our house. We all went out to eat at The Money Pitt in San Marcos. I introduced Tiffanie to it last summer and she insists on going there when she comes to visit. We then met up at my uncles diner in Ensanitas for some hot cocoa and then headed to the beach for some family pictures that i am sad to say didn't turn out. Don't take pictures in the dark...
 Christmas Eve we headed over to my Brother Troy's house. There was lots of Wii playing!
 and lots of opening presents
 Grandma and ALL  her grand kids
 WHAT is this....
Josh, Zach and Brent all got remote control helicopters for Christmas. Pretty much any spare time they had they spent flying the around and having races.
 When we got home we did our good ol' pj party.
Lacy, Jaxon, Ryan
Here are the kids about to put the rain deer food out on the front porch. It was so fun this year. The kids were super excited about Santa coming. Up next is the Christmas post.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Honey Turned 30!!! * NOV 14th *


 I am a slacker and didn't post this a month ago, but i felt like i still should. We celebrated over a two day period, not really on purpose, that's just what happened. Saturday we did our family pictures( below), then came home and dropped the kids off with my family. We went out to dinner at Red Robin (yum:) and then went and saw a movie. My sister Hannah kept saying how boring we were to go to a dinner and a movie, but we had gift cards to both things. Free is okay with me. We had a great time. I love that after almost eight years we still enjoy each others company. I wouldn't want to spend a night any other way than being with my hubby. I am thankful for birthdays. My family has always celebrated big. not necessarily in presents but just making that persons day special. Sunday morning we had the special birthday pancakes. Later, after church, we had presents and carne asade. Brent's all time favorite meal.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One year older..


My baby turned 5 today! I just cant believe it.


We headed out for Disneyland early in the morning and stopped by our favorite donut shop, Ryan picked out his favorite and we sung him 'the song.' We had to substitute donuts for the normal tradition of pancakes but we were all happy. We then headed off to a day at Disney. I forgot my camera in the car( so mad!) We had a fun time until i realized Ryan just wasn't acting himself and wouldn't go on almost any ride. After a few hours i finally decided that he had an ear infection. ( Me- Dr. Mom) We decided to leave early and head for Applebee's, his choice for his birthday dinner.

Here is Ryan at Applebee's with his new toy he got to pick out at Disney. It was a great day spent spoiling this perfect little boy. I couldn't ask for a better son.