Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday


Oh birthdays are so much fun, especially when its your birthday. I think this was one of my favorites for sure. Mt bestest friend Kaylea and her two sisters drove over from AZ Friday night. We had a blast sat. night laughing until way too late at night. The next morning we drove to Disneyland with NO kids. We got matching shirts and were on our way to a day of fun. Here is my 'twinner' and i dancing through main street all lit up!
Kaylea, me, Marinda, and Lana

And of course woody..
The new parade is a dancing parade. It was way different than the parades i have seen in the past, but it was pretty good. At one point they were pulling little kids out to dance and the four of us went out and starting dancing, it was so fun.

Me and Kaylea! Thanks for coming and making my birthday so much fun:)

Kaylea took this picture!
Look at how beautiful. They changed the fireworks too since i had been last and it was the most amazing firework show i have ever been too. Probably the best part of the night.

And since its almost Halloween they had DL all decorated. Even the rides had different Halloween decorations in it.

On Sunday we said a fast good bye to our friends( church was at 10:30 and we were running late, AND it was the primary program which Ryan was in.) After we got home we had My Brother Troy and his family over for dinner. We then went out and tried to find a cache. Its this new thing( to us) where people go out and hide boxes with random stuff and you have to go out and try and find it. You sign in and take something out of the box and replace it with something you have. Well needless to say, you shouldn't go at night b/c we tried to find two and didn't find either.

Then on Monday ,my actual Birthday, my lovely neighbor watched the kids while me and my Mom went shopping at the mall and out to lunch at BJ's my favorite. Here is me and my pazzoki. Yum yum

Later that night Brent and i went out. We went to the mall and got my wedding ring fixed and re dipped. It has never had anything done to it in over 7 years. I have been wanting it done for a while so it was a great present. I picked out a few new shirts( which always makes me happy.!) We then went to see a movie.

Here is a cute picture of us waiting to get in. My family is amazing. everyone made my day extra special. Just when you think you are getting too old to have a fun birthday life surprises you with an extra good one. Thanks to all that made it special. Love you all !!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010



So life is busy as always! I really want to blog once a week but i realized we don't live a very exciting life. I usually just work out in the morning and keep the kids busy in the afternoon, but i managed to take pictures of a few fun things.Ryan and i like to go on 'dates'
This time we went to McDonald's for some cookies and ice cream. I even climbed around the play place a bit.

Ryan started gymnastics about six weeks ago and has been loving it. Unfortunately this was the last class, but next week he starts Jr. Sports which is eight weeks of trying out all different sports. I hope he we can find one that he is just naturally good at and then start from there. I don't want to force him to do the sport i want him to do(which would be baseball..) So we will see.

Ryan is the one swinging on the bar( thank you Lacy for taking this picture:)

On another note, Lacy started potty training about three weeks ago. She just turned two the end of June so i wasn't so sure how it would go, but i heard girls can train early, so we gave it a try when she started showing signs of readiness. I must say that my next kid i am just waiting until they are like three. Lacy is a little (understatement) stubborn. So lets just say that it didn't take three days but three weeks to get her trained and I wouldn't even say she is a 100 percent. She still likes to surprise me! BUT after all that is said i am so happy to be done with diapers, at least during the day.

And since I am so famous for poop stories on my blog I will now share another... so Lacy at first wouldn't go 'you know' in the potty she would wait till i put a diaper on. The little stinker! So for the past four days she just hasn't gone at all and I kept reminding her that she needs to do it on the potty. " I will give you two gums, a candy, and a Popsicle." and she would say"no." I even tried forcing her to sit there and I tried reading her books on the potty, but nothing happened. So yesterday she comes to me in the middle of the day and says "okay mom, poopoo on the potty." I jumped up and was like "really." She said "yes" and she did. It was so funny, and of course i was so proud. That was a big milestone for us. Now i will just have another baby and be starting all over. I love how that works:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010




So Labor day was our 7 year anniversary. We played in the mountains all weekend and by Monday we were exhausted. My mom offered to take the kids back home in her car so Brent and i could have the rest of the afternoon together. We left camp around 5 and headed down the mountain. On the way i saw dairy queen and got excited. Brent like slammed on the brakes and turned in to get me ice cream. I was so delighted. It had been hot in the mountains and i had been dreaming of ice cream. We each got a dipped cone. Oh so yummy! Unfortunately the pictures of us eating ice cream are the only ones i took of us the whole day. Oh well , i guess we will have to take more next year. We went to eat at Lucille's BBQ. We heard it was so so good and we thought that it should be classified as just good but we had a great time together. I'm just happy that 7 years after getting married that I'm still just as happy if not happier with our marriage. I feel very lucky in this day and age to have a happy marriage. I owe a lot of that to Brent because he treats me like a princess.
Here are our funny faces eating ice cream

We also went and drove around our dream neighborhood and found the house of our dreams.

Isn't it beautiful!!!!

Labor Day Weekend


Our friend in the ward invited us to go stay at the boy scout camp in Idyllwild. Her Dad is the ranger for the camp and since no one was booked there this weekend we got to stay for free. It was an interesting experience to not really camping and not really be 'cabining' since the cabins were just 4 bunk beds and we had to walk to the bathroom and walk to the kitchen. It was a ton of fun though. We went up on Saturday morning with my mom and Hannah. Saturday we had a blast. We went conoeing, swimming, and made a lot of good food. Sunday we went to the branch up there and I was so amazed to walk in and see only twenty people. I have never been to church with that little people. I guess everyone has like four callings. Anyways, it was just amazing. The people were so nice. The five other families came up Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed barbecuing, games and smores. I think we counted 18 kids between the 6 families, Thank goodness we were outside. I hardly saw the kids the rest of the time we were there.Here is our cabin, lacy took this picture.
Here are the bunk beds, I think Brent was a little too long for them. I guess we did go to boyscout camp not mancamp.

Here is Hannah canoeing

Ryan and Lacy loved it. I think it was Lacy's first time on a boat.

Mom and Lacy

Lacy and her friend Sariah. They play in the bark and sand for about and hour. They were putting it all over themselves and then they said they were taking a shower. It was so cute.

They could be sisters!