Saturday, July 24, 2010



Lacy and Ryan were painting one day and Lacy looks at me with the paint brush up to her body and says ,"sure." This is what she does if she wants something that she thinks i will say yes too. I guess i actually say sure:) So since it was almost bath time anyways i said SURE. They had a blast painting themselves. I put there names on there art so they would know who's was who's.LOL!

The only problem now is to convince Lacy that its not body art every time we paint.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally the Fourth


The fourth hasn't been a holiday that has stuck out as one of my favorites. Too many people too many crowds. All that waiting for a few fireworks. Well i have changed my mind and it because we did something totally different this year. Our neighbor told us that we could see the fireworks from our street. We live at the end of a culdasac (which i love.) So we trusted this neighbor and planned a barbecue with our neighbors and had a blast. Instead of traditional hot dogs and hamburgers we had carni asada. Our good friends down the street decided that sounded better too and it was great. I made star sugar cookies and brownies and we had some fun poppers for the kids. And yes we sat on our street and watched the fire works right in front of us. It ended up being a great night with no crowds and the fireworks went on for 30 minutes. AND when it was over we walked straight into our beds :) Here is Ryan with best friend Brice throwing poppers
Lacy sporting her princess cruiser

On the actual fourth( firework show was the third here) we drove up a mountain that is close to us to find the little river flowing through. We found it and it was pretty little. More like a stream at this spot but perfect for the kids. We played for about an hour.

Ryan's true boy came out he took off his shoes and play in the moss and the mud
I love this picture.. look closer

We caughtt little baby frogs. Ryan is actually holding one. If you look real close its in between his fingers. Oh how the kids loved to catch something moving..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



So i decided to go to AZ by myself with the kids. Brave... I know!
It was a great trip though. The kids were great on the way there Ryan slept three hours, Lacy slept zero. We got to my friend Shaun's house around 11 am. ( we left at 5am!) It was so great to stay with Shaun, we had so much fun and the kids loved to have someone to play with. Although Lacy and Abby , who are only 6 months apart, didn't quite like having to share anything even their space. But they all learned to get along and it was so much fun. Thanks Shaun:) Here are some highlights of the Trip.SWIMMING!!!
one good thing about the hot AZ sun is that you want to get in the water. Here the kids are having a blast.

Here is my friend Kristin with her brand new BEAUTIFUL baby. She was nice enough to let me stay at her house pretty much all day. It was so nice to sit around and hang out like old times. You know you have a true friend when you can come visit after almost a year and it feels like a day since we had seen each other.

We made some fun hair flowers

Our friend Kristin came to visit with her kids. We all went to beauty school back in the day and we get together about once a year to hang out.

Our group of kids gets bigger every year. We will need a bigger couch next year!

My best friend Kaylea and i got to hang out for a whole afternoon without kids. Her fiance offered to watch the kids so we could go wedding dress shopping. We ended up going to lunch at Paradise bakery and oh my was is good. It is the food place i miss the most. We then went to Down East Basics and got some fun clothes. If i was rolling in the Mula i would buy ALL my clothes there. We then went to Arizona bridal to look and ended up buying the most beautiful wedding dress ever. She looks so amazing. I'm so sad that i cant be there for her wedding :( But we had a blast.
Overall my trip was great. I didn't get to see everyone i wanted to, but maybe next time. I cant wait to come again. But this time it will be in the winter time cause man it was hot.