Friday, July 31, 2009

Sea World


July 6Th
So off to Sea World we went. I didn't think i would get a year pass there this year but once again with the military discount( thnx Tiff) i couldn't resist. Tiffanie got in for free that day and my mom got my little sister Hannah a pass for the rest of this year. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast going on the rides. Lacy could only go on them if she could show them she could take three steps. Well at that point she was just starting to walk. It was not on demand walking it was more like whenever she felt like it, so i was a little nervous because i really wanted her to go on some rides. Well this super nice guy counted her falling three steps and let her go on. Its funny they let a one year old go on the rides but not by pregnant sister. They also have a ton of aquarium like places there. You can see just about any wildlife that would be in the sea ( um... i guess that's why they call it sea world huh..)Lacy and Aunt teetee waiting to go on a ride
Me, Hannah, Ryan, and Lacy waiting to go on the spinning tea cups.

Cutest pix of Lacy at the dolphin show, which i love. This guy gets up and sings, it is so fun. The kids love the singing part.

And of course they have a splash pad there, so the kids got wet once again.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Fourth of July


The fourth was a blast. My two sisters were here which made it even funner. We went to Brent bosses house for a BBQ and some swimming, It was great fun. They were so nice to have us over. Then later that day we went to Camp Pendalton to see the fireworks. Tiffanie is now part of the Military so she gets a ton of benefits. You can only go on the base if you have a military ID. I thought that might make it less crowded but that wasn't true. It was packed, but it was so much fun. We were right by the live band and SO close to the fireworks. We also got to see the sunset on the beach. It couldn't get any better and then it did. We went and got funnel cake that was to die for and dippin dots and cotton candy. It was the best sugar fest ever. Thanks to Tiff we got alot of pix of the fam together and also of Brent and I. It was a night to remember. I love living in America. Brent and I on the bus ride over to the beach
Teetee and Little Lacy

Ryan and Hannah

'Lacy Lou'

Ryan and Hannah in a real tank

It was so cool to go inside it. Of course Ryan loved it.

We ate some sand

And oh yes the cotton candy, Dentist here we come.

Tee tee and Wee wee

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to Cali, July 3rd


So we headed home from az with 6 people in the car. Me driving, my uncle Jimmy, Tiffanie, Hannah, Ryan, and Lacy. Tiffanie was coming to visit for a week, and Hannah came to stay with me for a month(much needed help.) And my uncle drove with me to and fro. It was a fun trip. The kids didnt sleep as much as i thought they might considering we left around 6 am. We still made it in 6 hours which is way nice. A couple days later we went to Encinitas. My uncle's friend used to own this neat resteraunt right by the beach called the 101 diner, we met them down there for lunch and then hit the beach. It was a blast, decpite the over crowdedness. I guess the day before 4th of july at the beach is a bad idea, unless you like to be around a lot of people.

Her shirt says it all

Oh it was so nice to be at the beach with tee tee

Ryan thought he was surfing. A couple of times the waves came up and knocked him over. It was pretty funny:>

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Arizona Trip- Doctor visit


So i took the kids to there doctor visits in AZ since that is where we still have insurance. For myself mostly i wanted to write about there visit.
Lacy is a little chuncker weighing in a 21 1/2 lbs- 50%
height was 28 in-25%
Short and chubby :)
Ryan grew the most ever in his life i think. He finally hit 30 lbs-25%
Height was 39 in-50%
They are both healthy and happy. I am so blessed to have such great kids.

Our Arizona Trip- The Salt River


So we get to the salt river, with no kids i might add, and we have these coupons for five dollars off. Well... they were expired and the rude people that work at the place said they could do nothing for us. Well since we only had brought just enough money we went scrounging. I had about 15 bucks in my purse, Tiffanie had a couple extra dollars, and my mom found tons of change in her car and purse. We ended up finding about 30 extra dollars, well it was just enough to make up the difference so that we were able to go. The whole time i was freaking out because both my kids were being baby sat and i told Shaun( who is the best ) that we would be like four hours. So we were already on a time crunch and then this problem comes up. Anyways it worked out fine. Here is a picture of all the change.
On our way up
(uncle Jimmy, me and Tiffanie)

Mom and Sister Hannah

Me and Tee tee

Super mom and Brother Zack to the Right
It was SOOOOOO fun and i cant wait to go again!!

Our Arizona Trip- Opening Presents


After the pool we came back to the house and opened presents. Lacy made out with some new toys and clothes. She was a happy girl. I forgot that at this age they care more about the balloons than the presents. Once she realized they were hers, though, she was excited. Thanks everyone :)

I love how she looks in this one..

Our Arizona Trip- The Birthday Party


The first thing we did when we got to AZ was have an actual party for Lacy. We just had some close friends and family. It turned out really well. We had alot of fun. I was really hoping that Lacy would bust out walking at her party but that didn't happen. I think she will wait till SHE is ready. Her shirt says 'its a happy day'
and it was!!!
Here is Hannah( my little sis) holding Lacy as she shoves a cupcake down.

A couple girl friends

A glimpse of the madness

Lovely deco by my uncle

The kids having a blast

Cupcakes and Dinosaurs


Lacy's birthday.

We had the cousins over and decorated cupcakes. It was alot of fun.

Soon after we joined the wild animal park they opened this new dinosaur part. It was very neat. I thought Ryan would love it and i thought Lacy would cry. Well i was super wrong. Lacy loved it and Ryan cried the first five minutes. I had to drag him in kicking and screaming, i know i sound like a horrible mom but i paid extra for this and i was not about to turn around. All in all he ended up liking it. I don't think he loved it, he wouldn't get out of the stroller, but it was fun to see all the dinosaurs moving around. Some even sprayed water at us.