Friday, May 7, 2010

Our New Place:)


So we moved! It was one crazy move. Probably not as crazy as the last one where i knew i was moving and three days later moved, but it was a lot of work. We moved all our stuff from the apt on Wednesday and then Thursday we went to our storage and moved everything from there. So two straight days of lifting and moving. I hope we can stay in this house till we want to buy. So below are a couple of pictures of the house when it was still empty. I will do more later when i find the time. It is a beautiful house. I am so so happy. Having to be in an apartment for a year has really taught me to appreciate space and a yard. The kids are still in some kind of shock from moving. I think all of us will be happy when they are adjusted and their "nicer" attitudes are back. So far i am loving the ward. The people are so nice and down to earth. Much more on my level than the wealthy side of San Diego. My mom and sister Hannah also moved with us. We are very happy they are here. We are one big happy family and they have been such a huge help through all of this. I cant wait to start our life here and make new friends. Oh and i totally cant wait to decorate. I have had basically the same colors and deco since we were married so time to move on.Entry, our beautiful stairs case and behind is the formal rooms
This is the kitchen, straight through is the formal dining room and behind that is the family room. The only room down stairs that has carpet is the formal rooms everything else is tile. I need slippers cause my feet are killing me.

Here is part of the back yard. This is one of my favorite things about this house is the yard. It is seriously huge. It came with the play set you see in the distance. It needs a little TLC but the kids are already loving it. Back to the right is a huge space fenced off where we will be planting a garden. Its a little late in the year so we will have to find out what can be planted in the summer.