Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What-moving again???


Yes, for those of you who haven't heard we are moving. I'm sorry to say that its not back to AZ(which i miss sooo much) we are actually moving to another apt about five miles away.It probably doesn't make much sense to any one else, but here is the deal..
Brent's boss found our apt in like one day. He worked very hard to find us a three bedroom, and i am very grateful. The 'new' lady that works in the front office didn't disclose to him that they would be doing construction at all hours of the day and night right outside all our bedroom windows and she actually told him that our apt would not have any noise problems even though it is very close to the freeway. So being an extremely busy man he trusts her and signs the papers and is on his way. Well we show up a couple of days later and our apt is so loud that when outside you almost cant hear yourself talk. I cant open my windows for fresh air. And when they decide to do construction at night our house shakes a bit and Ryan doesn't go to sleep which means i don't get any sleep. And i am grumpy when i don't get any sleep. So after much debating and unpacking i decided it would be worth my eventual sanity to repack and move my family to a different apt far from the freeway. And as an added bonus it is a great apt everything is new and beautiful and the pool area looks like a resort. i am so happy and i cant wait to move there. So i have been packing and more packing and i just can not believe i am doing it again. I just keep picturing the new and beautiful and QUIET apt we will be in. People are asking for pictures of our apt and i will post them tomorrow. I will show both places, it will be fun to compare. sorry so long...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Craft at the Library


So i have been looking around for stuff to keep us busy while Brent is gone at work alomost 12 hours a day, so i found the library. Two days ago we went and picked out like 20 books and then last night they had a preschool craft night. Ryan had a good time making a fan. Lacy enjoyed crawling around sucking on everything, which im sure was so clean:) But hey it builds the immune system right?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Beach AGAIN


Another Beach Trip

First of all it was nice and sunny, a little windy but overall a great day. I had the bright idea of taking the wagon and the canopy that took me half an hour to set up. The thing i didn't think about is that when you go to the beach here you always have to walk down steps to get to the beach. Well there was probably 30 steps. So my bright idea didn't work too good. Thank goodness there was two great men there, one to help me on the way down and one to help on the way up. I think next time i am just putting everything in a big bag. Ryan loves everything about the beach. He didn't want to leave. He was a little afraid to go in the water but it didn't take him long. Lacy didn't like it so much at first. She hated the fact that sand got on her and she couldn't get it off, even with her mouth. She tried eating the sand and at first it looked like she enjoyed it but then i think she realized it wasn't so good. So i took her over to the water to wash her off and i thought she would be scared of the waves and the coldness of it well to my surprise she loved it. She started laughing and playing in it. I think she could have stayed all day. So overall it was very nice. Oh yes and i have a friend here. Her name is Bree. She is the wife of one of the salesmen. I am so grateful she is here and that she is willing to hang out with me and the crazy kiddos. She helped out a ton at the beach and it is so nice to have someone older that three to hang out with.

yes she actually tried it, lol

look at his face:)

Ryan made this and came and got me to look. he was so proud, i don't think he knew what it was. too bad we aren't catholic...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Move, Easter, AnD the BeaCH


A little up date we are all doing well. The kids have been sleeping great. With the exception of last night, Lacy has been sleeping 11-12 hours straight at night. How great:)
Ryan is missing his friends and keeps asking where they are. It breaks my heart. I have mixed feeling about the move. It almost feels like home and then i realize i am all alone. Brent and i have spent most of our time inside unpacking. He just returned to work today so i am sad:( Its just me and the kids. We ventured out this morning by ourselves and i ,of course, couldn't get the GPS to work and had a freak out moment. I hate the feeling of being lost, especially when you have your babies in the back seat. But just like Brent said it started working again and life was great. I found the gym and the grocery store. This is how you move into a house with kids
you put them in the box your unpacking

and this is how you get stuff out of a moving truck

how many people does it take to look at a broken truck and wonder how to fix it?

yeah not the best picture

So on Easter Sunday Ryan was asking about the Easter bunny and i told him that he couldn't find our house cause we moved, and he was actually okay with that. So Monday morning (After getting to the apt Sunday night) i made sure the Easter bunny came. Its great when the kids are little cause they have no idea. I found two Easter decorations i left out and put them on the couch with their baskets. I made sure before the move to buy them two little presents but i forgot to get candy. Hello the most important part of Easter. So i remembered that my grandpa had sent an Easter box with eggs and candy so i took that out and filled their baskets and some extra eggs that i had with his candy. Thank you Grandpa for saving Easter.

This is a not so good pix of their Easter out fits

Ryan and his cousins that we live 30 min from

Ryan, Paige and Hunter

Zucchini fries yummy

doesn't she just look so sweet

i dont know if you can tell but Lacy's new thing is to put her feet up on the table, i know its not the best habit but i think it is so cute.

Our first day at the beach and it rained. It was so beautiful though. We had a great time. Ryan loved the water and the sand and of course chasing the seagulls.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Day That Went SOOO Wrong...


But then again what moving day goes great? So yesterday was supposed to go so good, i had it all planned out so perfect. Everything had to go just right for timing purposes and THEN the truck broke down... and it all went down hill from there. Everything took twice as long as it should and then we show up at the apt. Now in my mind i had decided that i would be happy with our new home no matter what, but coming from brand new home and shopping( we are so spoiled in queen creek and Gilbert) to a very old apt in an old area of town was kind of a shock for me. So after a good cry i was on my way to unload the huge truck with all our stuff into a very old very wet apartment( did i forget to mention they couldn't find anyone to get the carpets cleaned until the day we were supposed to move in.) So this is not supposed to be a complaining post i mostly wanted to remember this special day:)
So now i want to list all the things that have gone great over the last couple of days
when we decided to move everything seemed to fall into place namely:
Jason found us a three bedroom apt in just two day( that should have been a clue..oh wait this is the good list,sorry) but three bedrooms that's great right?
We got a moving truck for a pretty good deal
the company is paying for our move
I (along with a couple great helpers) packed my house in just two days
the storage unit gave the military discount even though my sister wasn't there with her id
they also gave us a month free
the kids have been doing great
my sister watched them for like 9 hours while we unloaded the truck
we are staying in a brand new hotel, so nice
my mom offered to pretty much give up her vacation this weekend to help us move here
they haven't figured out we have been sneaking our dog into the hotel yet...don't ask on this one
I'm sure there is quite a bit more...but lastly i moved to the most beautiful place ever:):)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Im Here


After a long couple of days and a long drive we got here safely. We are not in our apt yet, so we are staying at a hotel. Its brand new and beautiful and pretty inexpensive. They have hot cocoa all day long which is so great since it is COLD HERE. I am going to die here. I guess the last 9 years or so in AZ did something. Ryan is loving playing with his cousins( we are staying in a hotel right by my brothers house.) Lacy is doing pretty well. I think she misses her crib but she has lots of people to hold her. We will hopefully be in our apartment soon. As for now i am enjoying the hotel living.

Thursday, April 2, 2009



We finally figured out what was wrong with our poor baby girl. She has been so sick for like a week now and this morning she broke out with a terrible rash that got worse even after a full dose of benadryl. It got so bad i almost couldn't see the white of the skin on her face. I made a last minute decision to take her in and i am so glad i did. So she is allergic to penicillin. She had to get some sort of steroid shot at the doctors and he gave me two more prescriptions for her. This poor girl has been through so much. Thank goodness this looks like the end. I think i need a girls night out...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I HAAAAATE having sick kids!


So lacy has been sick now for 5 days. That is way tooooo long. I was just saying the other day that i love chubby babies cause they never get sick. Well i must have forgotten to knock on wood cause not too long later she was sick. It all started out when i took her for her well check visit and she had an ear infection. I felt so bad cause she was pulling on her ears and i just blew it off like a good mom and thought she just liked her ears. lately she has been so happy so how could she be sick? It should have also been a clue that she stopped eating the couple of days before that. But anyways, i got the prescription for antibiotics and finallygot it filled. The next day she starts having diarrhea and vomiting. So since she wasn't really sick before, i assume that is was the medicine. This really is a long story so i will just say that i finally took her in yesterday and they give me a new antibiotic. She is still sick but seems to be doing much better. She hasn't had solid food for 5 days and i just started giving her formula again so hopefully its at the tail end.

Here some things we have also been up to:

Brent's work took us out to the speedway for some racing. It was a ton of fun.

We went to the park and i got some cute pictures of the kids.