Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids say the dardest things...


Me- Brent look at their( Ryan and Lacy) eyes. They are both blue but they looks so different.
Lacy- No my eyes aren't blue, they are PINK.
Me- Really, so what color are my eyes?
Lacy -PINK
Me- What color is Ryan's eyes?
Lacy- Blue
Me- What color are Daddy's eyes?
Lacy- Blue

So from this i get that Girls have pink eyes and boys have blue eyes. Something i never new before.

I love disneyland, i cant wait to go to disneyland for my birthday. I love all the creatures there.
Me- creatures.. you mean characters... lol

I sure do love my kids, they make me laugh everyday:)

Friday, November 12, 2010



My wonderful mom was watching my niece and nephew yesterday, which is always a blast for my kids since they are all so close in age. My mom made sugar cookies and then traced all four kids hand prints on paper then covered the paper with wax paper. She then spent who knows how long cutting out 12 little hands all in there individual hand shapes. After dinner we painted them into turkeys. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the turkey event...

This is(above) how the cookies started out. Well plus one finger that Ryan ate off.



The painting begins

Some went straight to eating! I think Lacy ate more frosting than what went on her cookie.

You can never go wrong frosting sugar cookies. I have never done Thanksgiving cookies in the past, but i might have to start a new tradition:0 Thanks Grandma

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!!!


Today we celebrated Hannah's 14th birthday.  It was such a fun day. It started off with The yummiest french toast for breakfast, then off to church. We came home and made the birthday food. On the closest Sunday to our birthday we get to choose what we want for dinner and desert. Hannah chose one of my specialties ( my mom actually make it though.) Italian chicken with rice and corn on the cob. For desert my mom made a Brownie chocolate chip ice cream cake. It was by far the BEST cake i have ever had. Hannah actually thought that it was from a store, she was shocked to know it was homemade. I think homemade things are always better:)
Here are some pictures of the night...

            Hannah got some good gifts and we played some fun games. I actually hid her present, which was the new Taylor swift CD, and hid the clues in balloons throughout the house and she had to pop all the balloons and put the clues together to find it. I hid it in the toilet tank. It took her a while to figure it out. We also blind folded her put bright lipstick on and make her play pin the kiss on the cute guy. Lets just say she is a big fan of Taylor or "Jacob." She was totally embarrassed and it was so fun.

My uncle Jimmy put on the socks that he gave to Hannah and we decided he looked like Eeyore, so he went and got my Eeyore cup and tried to look just like him. I think he got pretty close.
I love spending time with my family. Its always loud and crazy, but so much fun.I love that all our kids get along so great. I love having a big family. We definitely miss the ones who aren't close anymore and cant be at our family functions...TIFFANIE. Maybe one day we will all live close to each other.