Sunday, October 2, 2011

Summer of 2011


                    So this summer was so much fun that i had no time at all to! Not really, I mean it was fun and all but the blogging world just got away from me this summer and then it's really hard to catch up. So here is our summer in a nut shell :) Enjoy the story!
Ryan finished up baseball with a bang earning the game ball. He loved baseball and cant wait to start again in the spring.

We got rid of the bunny after it took a chunk out of Ryan's eyelid. The doctors at the ER said it was a first for them seeing a kid bit in the eye lid by a bunny!

We spent lots of time in the garden and it bore beautiful fruit. Lots of tomatoes and onions. Only a few bell peppers survived, but i learned a lot. We currently are growing sunflowers for the seeds and pumpkins. Cant wait!

We spent plenty of time at the beach with a lot of people we love. Here is Ryan with the Russell boys,

                                             Lacy and BFF Tessa

Bryce, Ryan, Logan and Lacy

My BF from high school came for a visit to Cali so we met her and her family at the beach. It was great fun to see old friends and have our kiddos play together. Nick tried to teach Ryan to boogie board but Ryan wasn't up for learning. Hopefully one day he tries it out.

We also spent lots of time in our yard playing. Of course water was usually involved:)

Speaking of Water, we were all up for taking advantage of our neighbors pool!

And of course, our 4th of July block party!

Brent( our neighbor) thinking he was going to hit a pinata! Sorry Brent this was an American holiday, haha

See, star brownies to prove it. Pechanga, which is right across the street, has the best fire works. We just set up our chairs outside our house and take it all in. No driving or crowds. Its the way to have the fourth.

Here are the chillins at our other 4th party( the one with out the fire works, but better food!)

What would summer be like without the ward camp out. This time we had lots of dirt and piles of horse you-know-what, but it was still a lot of fun. Bishop made awesome pancakes in the morning and the kids are at the perfect age for camping. We hardly saw them cause they were off with there friends the whole time.

Fun game i was in charge of helping with.

Brent and Mike won this contest. Its harder than it looks in a picture, but awesome to watch.

Well that was a quick preview of our summer. So sad its over, I love the laziness of summer days lounging out at the beach or pool. Already cant wait for next year.