Sunday, May 8, 2011



My Grandparents were going up to Utah and they let the kids and i join in there journey. The first day we left later in the afternoon and made it to Vegas. We spent the night and woke up early for the long part of the trip. 8 hours*** The kids did great. I was so nervous that the kids were going to be bad or loud or any other thing that would annoy 'old people.' But they did great. They were so good i couldn't believe it. We spent the first night in Utah and my friend Shelley's moms house in Farmington. I love to see old friends. Especially friends that you only talk to a few times a year but when you get together your the same old best friends. We had a good time together. We went for a walk the next morning on the Lagoon trail. I had no idea they had Buffalo's at Lagoon but it was sure fun to see them. I cant believe that i didn't get any pictures with Shelley. I think we did but on her camera.


That day Tiffanie and Josh and Jaxon picked up me and the kids. We had to drop Josh off at the base for his weekend assignment and we had about four hours to waist. We went and hung around the mall and then went to the Hill air force base museum. It was amazing! The kids loved running around and the airplanes were amazing.

We spent a lot of time at the house just hanging out. The kids got along great! It makes me so happy to have the cousins together playing!

We went to the little tiny Logan Zoo. It was mostly birds but of course the kids loved it, they love everything.

Ryan and josh had plenty of time to play catch. Ryan is in baseball and he missed a couple games while we were gone so hopefully this kept him going.

We went on a hike up in the mountains. I love this picture of the kids. SO CUTE

After the hike Crazy Tiff and Josh decided to go up to Bear Lake. We were having a great day and had nothing else planned so we figured why not, It was a beautiful drive. Nothing was open when we got there but it sure was pretty. I have never seen water so sparkling blue. On the way up we passed a bunch of snow and i promised Ryan that we would play in it so on our drive back home we stopped at a rest stop and played. I brought the kids warm stuff for the snow but i didn't bring anything so here i am knee deep in snow in my flats, no socks and a light sweater. My feet were so so cold! But it was worth it. The kids LOVED the snow.

I sent this to Brent from my phone. He needed some love since he didn't get to come on our journey.

 Since Lacy's socks were wet and she was cold we put her gloves on her feet, so funny:)

I cant remember what this place is called but its up the Logan Canyon and there in the back of the cave is an underground spring which i think help make up the Logan river. This was an interesting stop. We got out and at first were going to leave the kids but decided to bring them. We were having a great time. Ryan and Josh were climbing out on the rocks Lacy and i were watching from the side with Tiff and Jaxon. Well Jaxon wanted to touch the water so Tiff leaned him over the little railing to he could touch. As soon as she realized that maybe it wasn't such a great idea she went to bring him back up and her boots slipped on the gravel and they both fell head first into the river filled with sharp rocks. Josh had his back turned but i saw the whole thing. I was standing close to the water. When i happened i turned around to put Lacy down away from the water. By the time i turned back around Tiff was already standing up holding Jaxon. She was in complete shock. She shoved Jaxon into my arms, his face was bleeding and later learned that he cut open his chin pretty bad and his lip too. Tiffanie had two huge contusions on her head and pretty much messed up the whole left side of her body. Luckily they were both okay besides being shaken up. I guess you can never be too careful with your kids.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Fun


The Day before Easter my Grandparents, my aunt and her kids and my brother and his wife and kids came over! It was a full house, so fun and loud, just the way i like it! We had an Easter egg hunt and ham sandwiches. It was so nice and relaxing. The kids had a blast as you can see below. I love the pictures right before they went out to collect:)




Ryan finally got his Super Mario bros game that he has wanted for a long time. Good Job Easter Bunny!

Lacy got Tangled- she had to wait a while for that too. Of course we love it. I have wanted to watch it more than her:0
Easter was great! I think it gets better and better as the kids get older.