Monday, February 22, 2010



WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD THREE HOURS TO YOURSELF?Well, I had this day all planned out. No kids, three hours. Great! I usually go grocery shopping or clean my house, but since i dont have any money i decided i wasnt going to go out. I could clean my house, but i really didnt feel like it. So i decided to blog and catch up on my private practice. So i drop the kids off and get back home and all i see is a mess. So off course i say to myself "i will just clean for a minute." Well it turned into about 30 which is not too bad considering the mess i had or i should say my two rascals had. So then i sit and watch my show meanwhile feeling guilty that i am watch TV in the middle of the day. But not guilty enough to stop. Then i come in my room to blog. I really want to blog. I have for the past couple weeks, but every time i try something comes up. Or i just start feeling overwhelmed. I hate when i am behind on blogging because then it takes so long to catch up and then you have to decide if you should even catch up or just start from today. I don't know. Well after downloading my pictures and editing them and writing all this i only have maybe 20 min to blog so here i go.
First of all i am going to catch up, and i will start with February 3rd my little sisters bday. Candice just turned 22. Wow i know we all grow up but for some reason its weird when younger ones grow. Since she just moved here to Cali and doesn't really know anyone yet we had her over for a party. I decorated the house and blew up balloons and even made her a cake. I'm sure when she walked in she probably thought i went crazy and forgot that she turned 22 and not 5 but i just couldn't help it. We then went on to make her special birthday dinner from scratch. Alfredo... something i have never done. It turned out good, not great. Then we watch Lost! LOVE LOST! Here is what Lacy looked like after she helped!
Here is the beautiful cake, i think i might need to take a cake decorating class in the future:)

Happy Birthday Candice

Wild Animal Park-
We haven't been for a while so i took the kids the other day. After not being able to get a hold of my friend we decided to go by ourselves. It was kind of hard for me because well i think i am a little co dependent on people. I like to be with other people. So we get there and the first thing we saw was this little show on wild dogs and this lady about my age with two kids about my kids' age stands next to me to watch. Well we ended up walking around the rest of the time together. See told you i was co dependent... It was so fun. The kids played together and we chatted. It ended up being a really fun day. Here are some pix.
Oh i LOVE her

Ryan got one and she wanted one and she wouldn't let go until i gave in. She is a very determined little girl.

where's Ryan?
There he is!

They love this log.

Valentines Day
I didn't go all out. Everyone just got some candy and a hug from me.

Brent surprised me with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Oh it was so so good. chocolate chips and strawberry's. Thank you Husband, you did a great job this year:)

Christmas Letter


Every year we like to do a Christmas letter, well this year we decided to go green. So here is our online, blogger Family Christmas letter.As a family this year we moved to San Diego, went to the beach a lot, traveled 6 times back to Az, did summer sales AGAIN, went on a cruise, had wonderful holidays and enjoyed being together as a family.Brent- finally had his hard work payoff and NEVER will be doing summer sales again.Hilarie- got into cooking and baking, continues to do hair and scrapbooking, and spends pretty much all her time taking care of two (moslty)wonderful kids.Ryan- started preschool this year, turned four, loves girls more than boys (im not so sure this is a good thing), loves sunbeams, loves torturing his little sister, and his favorite thing to do now is ride his new scooter he got for Christmas.Lacy- turned one this year (now 18 months), Finally in nursery and loves it, walks, runs, says an amazing amount of words for a 1 1/2 old, likes to torture her brother equally as much as he likes to torture her, loves food, loves dogs or any animal that resembles a dog( hairy with four legs).We have had a wonderful year. Lots of crazy ups and downs but what would life be like if it was perfect all the time. I think hard times brings family's closer together. Family is the greatest blessing. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. I have a feeling next year will be a good one. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Luck


So i used to not believe in bad luck. I am a pretty positive person. I mean i have my days i guess but overall i would think that if something bad happened it happened for a reason. Well my thoughts on that issue are changing.
About a month ago i was at the beach with my family. We are all sitting around and having a great time and then all of a sudden a bird poops on my foot. I was so grossed out. But at least it was just my foot. Well then about thirty minutes later a poop bird poops not only in my hair but also on my face and shirt. I thought i would die. Come on twice in one day, something was wrong with that. THEN, yesterday i went to sea world with Tiffanie and Josh (pix to come) and we are all sitting down eating when yet again a bird poops on me. Okay three times in one month. Isn't that impossible. So now i am thinking that maybe there is such a thing as bad luck and i have it. Does any one know of some sort of spell or something to get rid of it, because i don't want it.