Saturday, June 16, 2012



BORN: JUNE 15th 2012
6 lbs 9 oz
18 1/2 in

 Lacy and Ryan Meeting Hailey for the first time.
Ryan loved her right away
Lacy might take a little more time to warm up
 Ryan Holding his new little sister 
 Aunt Hannah loving on Hailey
 Daddy and Baby Hailey
 Mommy and Baby
 So sweet...
 First diaper change
 All clean and pretty

And pondering her new life... I think she will like it:)

The last of the Baby Bumps


The Day before induction
38 wks 4 days
 38 weeks                 

 36 wks                                        34 wks

Beach Trip With Hannah


With Hannah here on baby watch we decided to have some fun in the process. First stop was ,of course, the beach. We had the perfect day.

Thanks to Hannah I got in the water.. and here are the pictures to prove it. It was actually really nice. Lacy went out pretty far and loved it. I think she is the beach girl of our family:) 

Ryan, Lacy and Hannah built a volcano...It turned out really good.
I cant wait to go again. I love summer time!



So here are some random pix/events from the past few months and in no order. LOL

Lacy falling asleep on the stairs 

Ryan graduating from Kindergarten
WOW where did the time go. 

Lacy's drawing- That thing on top is Hailey in my tummy and that is Lacy on the bottom. Pretty good for not even being 4 yet.

 Ryan finished spring season of baseball. He did an awesome job this year. Its amazing what a little practice and actually wanting to play does. At the end of every game the coach hands our the team ball and cards to the player who did good for one reason or another. Ryan got the game ball and the cards twice. I'm so proud of him

 Ryan falling asleep on the stairs.
 Lacy at gymnastics...
She is a natural...

Friday, June 8, 2012

*Mothers Day* 2012


Mothers Day was a great day. Ryan and lacy spent hours coloring and making me things throughout the week. Brent got me just what i asked for, nothing special, just clinique face wash i really needed. I love to have a day where i can feel so special and get pampered by my family.




Ryan and Lacy's Easter outfits!

Trying out the rice krispie treat eggs. They were pretty easy to make and the kids loved doing it. Looks like we found something else to add to our Easter traditions.

The painting of the eggs. A lot more enjoyable the older your kids get :)
They turned out really good.

Easter morning baskets! I have no idea where Lacy's picture went, so here is just Ryan's. He got this cartooning book because he loves to draw and is always asking me how to draw certain things. Well now he knows... Lacy got a cute princess felt board and of course everyone got plenty of candy. And if they didn't think they got enough, here is our egg hunt with more candy!

Ryan and Lacy just before the hunt. We were kitty babysitting. Here is Max in Lacy's basket. I'm sure if that was all she got for Easter she would have been happy.

The hunt

Jimmy and Candice came down for the day. They hid the eggs( which i think they really enjoyed.)

One big happy family:)