Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends and Family to Visit


So i think my life is getting to that really busy point. I didn't think it would happen this early on but my days are flying by. Most weeks i cant remember what we even did that made us so busy. I cant imagine what life will be like when i have four kids all in school and sports, I'm sure that's a lot harder. So In the past month we have had a couple visitors. My sister Tiffanie came to visit with her beautiful baby Jaxon. Our friend Shannon was able to drive her over from AZ. It worked out perfect. We all got to hang out for a few days together. Below is a picture of all our kids. We went to eat at the Money Pit which is in San Marcos. It is so so yummy. Tiffanie insisted on eating here while she was visiting. My niece and nephew came too.
After we hit up the beach, it was a perfect day at the beach

Shannon, Tiffanie, and me

Here are the kids making there poses

The next day we made pizza. Its my new favorite thing to do. It has become a family tradition. I will never get delivery ever again... :)

On the way to LAX to drop Tiff off at the airport we went to BJ's for lunch. This is definitely my favorite resteraunt. We celebrated Tiffanie and Jaxons birthday with a Pazoki. yum yum! Thanks Tiffanie for coming to visit. We had a great time and i cant wait till we see each other again. Hope fully soon !

Our next visitors are our Best Friends from Cedar City Utah. Brent and i hung out with Dave and Shelley a lot while we lived there. We had two kids before they had their one. We haven't seen them as parents yet so it was crazy! They are the cutest parents ever. Here is Dave with Ella.

Here is me and Shelley. We ventured out in the hottest weather we have had and strolled old town Temecula. We ate at this Italian bistro that was amazing. I cant wait to go back.

Here is Lacy and Ella having a blast jumping together. Lacy was jumping right along side of her.

We had a blast with our friends. They were only here for a short time which was sad but we were happy to see them after all these years.