Monday, July 25, 2011

Lacy Turns Three


My little Lacy Lou turned three on June 18th ( yes that was over a month ago)
We had a little family party for her at our house. She got to invite over her BFF Tessa Rose. They are so close they might as well be sisters, they sure fight like it anyways. LOL

I let Lacy open one present in the morning and it was a little Happy Birthday outfit. It is actually supposed to be pj's, but she didn't know :)
We had the traditional pancake breakfast

I made her cake! I know its amazing, huh!!!
But really it was a tasty cake with homemade frosting (my fav)

You gotta love the pix i got of her about to blow out the candles. PRICELESS

Opening of the presents, Lacy's favorite part. But if you look closely you will see how shy she is looking. She did that the whole time. I think it must be a phase.

And of course her most favorite present of all, her new princess bike. She is in love and goes riding all the time. Its nice that we can now all go on family bike rides. One of my favorite things!
Her birthday was great, she keeps asking when her next party is going to be. I think the birthdays are coming way too fast. My baby is growing up.