Wednesday, March 25, 2009



I have been going to the gym three or fours days a week. I also bought the most awesome jogging stroller at Costco recently so now i can go not jogging, but roller blading. Its much more fun to me. Lacy is only taking a bottle now which turns out to be a lot of work. For some reason i thought it was going to be easier but now i have to MAKE her a bottle. She is crawling around a little bit but still taking her dandy old time. Ryan has been having lots of fun at the gym. He loves going to 'work out'. I just cut his hair, now he looks three. My babies are growing up."i am nine months old now"
Look at those beautiful baby blues

Brent and i as we were going out on a date. Brent argued about taking a picture and i said that we never get any picture of just us. So i won and here it is...( too bad the red eye thing wouldn't work)

This was our breakfast a couple mornings ago. I just had to take a picture cause this kind of thing usually doesn't happen in our house. I asked the family what they wanted for breakfast, Ryan took out olives and Brent said burritos. So i told Ryan we would have olives for lunch and i gave in and had FROZEN BURRITOS and ketchup for breakfast. They were actually pretty good.

Aren't little boys so much fun. Good job Ryan!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What we've been up to


So Friday and Saturday my family and i had a huge yard sale at my moms house in QC. It went very well so sat night my mom took us all to PF Chang's. It was a great time. I always forget its going to be much louder and messier when the kids come but it was still a blast, and the food was yummy. So the following are some fun pix of the night( by the way you don't see Brent cause he was off having his own fun in Vegas for "work."Teetee and Lacy lou
My model Ryan

Lacy once again not looking at the camera but at least she is smiling

In this picture you get the whole horse, Ryan, and Lacy's head

My Brother Zach and Ryan

Me and Lacy( i love her face in this picture, she is smiling and shoving food in her face)

Grandma and Ryan( Thanks Grandma for dinner)

"when you give a kid a cookie"



I am so happy that after almost 9 months she is taking a bottle. The sad thing is i think she prefers the bottle over ME. I think i am almost done nursing. Its a bitter sweet thing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lacy's cuteness


SO since nothing is going on in my life i thought i would share these cute pictures of Lacy. This is what she wore to church on Sunday. Thanks Tiff for the dress. This is her yoga pose. I love how flexible they are.
No this is not her smiling. She is clenching her fists and well kind of grunting, its her new thing she does. But how cute.

And this is just 'the look'

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Little Hiking


Brent and Ryan convinced me to go hiking with them, i finally gave in and i am so glad i did, it was so fun. I cant believe how hot it got. We just went all the way down ocotillo till it ended and there was this long dirt road that went for miles in the middle of the desert. We only made it one mile round trip cause Lacy wasn't liking it so much. I think she might possibly be a girly girl..uh-oh:)