Monday, November 17, 2008

Brent's Birthday


So i have an old husband now. On the 14Th he turned 28. That is almost 30. These are pictures that Ryan decorated and we hung around the house before he got up. Ryan loved doing it and once Brent noticed he like it too. For his birthday i went to the Mexican food store and bought this meat called carniasata. We barbecued it that night and had tacos. I must say they were to die for. Brent was VERY happy. This was Brent's birthday present that he got about a week early because when i brought it home from the store Brent wasn't home yet so i had it sitting in the corner of our room and then i got busy and forgot about it. Later after Brent had been home for a while i hear Ryan bring Brent into our room and say look daddy its for your birthday. So He got it early. He has had a lot of fun acting like he was 16 again riding his rip stick. I tried one time with Brent holding on to me and still almost fell down. Its not for me.

A day at the ZOO


Here we are at the zoo. They opened this new path down to see the elephants. If you can see behind us the elephant is right there. It was really neat. Ryan and his buddy Gabe.

I thought this was so cute. Holding hands!

So the tiger was awake and walking around, which is rare. He climbed to the top of the tree after i took this picture.

We are at stingray bay. If you have never been you should go. It is amazing. There are also little sharks in there. Ryan didnt want to pet the sharks though.

Pumpkin carving


So my pictures are out of order so sorry. So these are way over due. Here we are after the big event of carving pumpkin's. It was so much fun. I love that Ryan is getting older, everything is getting much funner.

I just love this picture!

So if you can tell the extra long knife is in the pumpkin with Ryan's hand. Yes i am a good mother.

Ryan loved the gooey stuff.

And here is the first picture. We are getting ready to carve out pumpkins.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Funny Things...


So the first funny thing happened on Tuesday night. Brent was getting into the airport at 11:30 pm (yeah like two hours after i would be in bed). So i had my sis come spend the night so i could leave to get him. I picked up Kaylea to have some girl time. Well since there is nothing to do on a weekday at 9:30 at night we decided to go to the airport and get some cookies at paradise and watch people. I was a lot of fun. So Brent texts me and says he just landed, so Kaylea and i went to the spot where he would be coming out from and hid behind this big pole. SO like 25 min later he still hadn't come around the corner. So it turns out that my phone had no service. So i find service and get a hold of him and guess what, we were at the wrong Terminal. So my cute surprise turned into a disaster in the middle of the night. I thought i was being all cute to surprise him and instead he ended up waiting outside in the cold for 30 min.

The other funny thing was well not so funny at the time. So i was sitting in my recliner with both the kids when i hear this loud bang. I mean really loud. So as i'm nursing the baby, of course, i fly out of the chair and look out the sliding glass door. Nothing is there. So i look out the front window and i see two boys running towards my house. I ran out and asked if they had thrown something at my house and they start freaking out. I guess a hawk had picked up a pigeon off my house and flown up in the air and then it fell back on my house. They said feathers went everywhere. So i go look in my backyard and there it is still alive.. It looked hurt and scared. So i called my neighbor and she paid the boys to get it and "take care of it". I had never been so scared before. How often does that happen?