Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Last 6 Weeks


So i don't know what my problem has been with blogging lately. Every time i think about it i get stressed out. Probably cause i promised pictures of the house all cute and decorated and i cant even seem to get it all the way unpacked let alone decorate it. So there are no pictures of the house just everything else. This is all that as happened in the last 6 weeks. Enjoy!Ryan graduated preschool. We did a very low key swim party. It was a blast. Ryan was just happy to see his friends from " California" again. He doesn't realize that we still live in Cali. LOL

So that the little siblings didn't feel left out we let them join in the fun, it was adorable.
Look at this picture closely, you will get a good laugh :o

The three that were actually in preschool.
Avery, Ryan, and Audra

Me and my mama have been cooking it up in the kitchen. I love my kitchen, its one of my favorite places to be these days.( as long as I'm not doing the dishes)

Ryan has finally made new friends. He is such a social butterfly. The first thing he asks in the morning is 'who am i going to play with today?'

We have one small apple tree in the back that is bearing fruit. The kids were so excited. I love this picture too:)

Lacy has hit the terrible two's. Here she is with my mascara all over her face.

AND here she is with a packet of hot cocoa all over her and the chair. At least it smells like chocolate now!

The Birthday

Lacy turned two on June 18th!
I wake up to Ryan running in my room to remind me that it is Lacy's birthday so we go get Lacy and Ryan insists that we open AT LEAST one present so i give in and go get one. I think Ryan was more excited that Lacy. But she was very happy. She loves animals so i got her some littlest pet shop stuff and she loves it so much.

Our traditional pancake breakfast. I had to relight the candle like ten times. She loved blowing it out.

Later that night we had a little family celebration. I love this cake and so did Lacy. Ryan only ate the cake and Lacy only ate the frosting. They couldn't be more different. We then opened presents. More littlest pet shop and a baby doll from Grandma and Grandpa Longhurst.

The Party

I decided to throw a small party to celebrate Lacy's Birthday. Well It ended up being not that small but so much fun. We had cup cakes, hot dogs, chips and drinks and lots of water( the kind you play in). I have to tell of the unfortunate incident right before all the guests got to the party. So i set up the tables and brought out the water and the cupcakes and decided to move the table well about 20 seconds later it decided it didn't like where i moved it and crashed down. Not only did the cupcakes fall, the glass plates and then the water on top of that. I was horrified. That was the only desert and i didn't have any more. So i salvaged the ones that i could and threw the rest away. I still cant believe it happened. But the rest of the party turned out great. One of the little girls told her mom that this was the best day of her life and my Grandpa said it was the best little kid party he had ever been too. He might have been saying that to be nice but i am taking it to heart. The kids did have a blast.

We a had a 'baby pool'

water balloon fight

slip n slide

and more presents. I re painted the baby crib and high chair and my sister made a baby pillow and blanket. it turned out great.Lacy loves it and it looks so nice that they are toys that i don't mind being out in the open.

She got some really cute things, Thanks all!

I got her this wagon that she pulled all her small presents around in. I think the wagon is her favorite toy now.


Some things in life turn out perfect, fathers day was one of them for me. I made 'big breakfast' which pretty much entails all breakfast food at once. But the thing that was great was the gravy. I made it about four years ago and screwed it up terribly and said i would never make it again. When i told Brent that i was going to make it he actually told me not too. He was afraid that it would turn out bad and then he would not have a happy wife the rest of the day. He knows me all too Well. I take my cooking very seriously. Anyways, it turned out GREAT.

The kids got him candy and shirt and i got him a new electric razor. He was a happy man. We did good. By the way honey just in case you ever read this, I love you and i am so glad i married you and no one else. You have turned into the greatest Dad and our kids love you so much. Thanks for all you do:)