Saturday, January 29, 2011



So we went to Lego Land this week and it was AMAZING!
We enjoyed our day their more than Disney which i thought i would never say. But this was perfect for our 5 and 2 year old. They loved to see all the statues of everything made out of Lego's.


This was on Lacy's favorite ride. It was jungle themed with all different animals made out of Lego's, of course.

There next favorite one were these Lego cars that they actually got to drive. Lacy was a little under the age limit but we got her in and she drove better than most of the kids.

Ryan loved it as well. I can just see him in 10 years from now. Oh that is coming too soon. The kids got a little licence that they carried around all day. That is until Ryan lost his and Lacy ate hers:)

This next ride was called the claw or something like that. It picks you up and spins you in all different directions. Ryan was actually crying when he got on cause he was so scared, but Brent and I made him go because we knew he would love it. And he did.
 Here we are just enjoying ourselvess together!

I cant wait to go back. We just need to find someone to give us free tickets again.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day 2010


Christmas morning, my favorite:0
I told Ryan that when he wakes up to come and get me first. SO 6am roles around and in he comes. I actually made him come in our room and play for a bit since the rest of the world was still asleep. Finally we made him wait long enough and we went to wake up the rest of the bunch. Here is there pix right before we went down stairs. Lacy can hardly contain herself...

 I love the first look, Ryan got the ultimate GI Joe battle station. He wanted something all his "mans" could play on. Thanks Santa
 You cant see Lacy's face here very well but boy was she excited.
 Ryan got his DS he had been waiting for.
 New towels, of course Lacy got a princess one:)
 And Ryan got a monster one, at least i think that's what it is?
 I think Lacy's favorite present was her lip gloss. She carried it around all day.
 Traditional picture in front of the tree with all the gifts
 Later that my grandparents and Aunt and Uncle came over.
 My Uncle Carl was in a band for years so he played and sang some Christmas songs for us
 We all sat and listened, Later we had our Carne Asada Christmas dinner. Yum Yum

*Merry Christmas 2010*