Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ryan's First Baseball Game


On Monday Brent called me with good news. He got 4 tickets from his boss to the Padres game. Brent and i are not huge fans of sports. As a matter of fact one of the major reasons for marrying Brent was that he didn't spend his life watching sports on TV. It might be because that's all my Dad did and i hated it. Anyways, i was pretty excited because Ryan is getting into sports and we have convinced him that he is a great baseball player. He was so excited to be there. Hannah also loves going to games so i was so glad that we could take her. It was a super fun game. Since we got four $50 tickets for free we felt a little better about splurging and getting whatever looked good, something we would normally not have done. So i feel like the whole time we were just eating really yummy bad for you food and that's all i really got pictures of.Ice cream cookies, cotton candy
Family shot

Yummy nachos

And hot dogs! I'm not too sure what kind of face he is making. When i told him to smile for the pix he did and then when i looked at the picture after taking this is what i saw
Two really neat things happened at the game. #1 Hannah made a lot of noise and got thrown a ball. #2 we saw a guy with a video camera taping some people and when the live shots came on of the crowd we started going crazy so he would get us and he did so we were all on the big jumbo tran ( or whatever they call it.) It was pretty exciting out of 50,00 people we got on the big screen.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

poopy BATH story


WARNING: if you are not fond of poop stories don't read!!!
Okay so i know as mothers we all have poop stories, i don't write all of them down, but this is a pretty good one. Well, now that its all cleaned up its good! So Lacy and Ryan are in the bath and Ryan yells "Lacy is pooping." To which i say "okay, thanks for telling me." Lacy has a hard time in this area and it takes her a good long time to get anything out. Ryan continues yelling at me so i finally take her out and put her on the potty and she goes. Since she is kind of potty training i give her treats. Well Ryan thinks he needs a treat too so i put Lacy back in the bath and give them both suckers. After all thats probably the safest place to give a kid a sucker cause they cant get dirty in the bath! See how smart i am???
So a little bit later Ryan starts yelling that she is pooping which i ignore again because she just went. After a bit i realize i should take her out just in case and then decide to just get them both out. The rest of the day every time i walked by the bathroom it didn't smell right. So tonight after the kids are in bed and i have a minute to pick up the bathroom and all the toys i really just smell poop, and it should have hit me but it didn't until as i am picking up the toys i see something that is not a toy. And you know what it was. I just about died. Needless to say i let them take ALL there toys in the tub today so i not only had to clean the tub but ALL their toys too. It was very interesting. For the fun of it if you read this and your poop story tops mine you should share it, wouldn't that be fun, we could all share our poop stories. Tiffanie you should tell yours... ha ha!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter, Beach, and other things...


So Easter was great this year. I didn't do as much as i wanted because my mind was occupied with MOVING. Yup we are moving. The apts didn't want to work with us and so we found a house in Temecula CA that we will be moving into in about two weeks. More to come on that later. We had three Easter egg hunts this year and i think we ended up with more candy than we had at Halloween. The kids loved the chase for the eggs. Lacy caught on very quickly. I think once she new candy was in the eggs nothing would get in her way. She wanted them all. Ryan ended up with more eggs than anyone at our ward Easter egg hunt. I made him share with others cause it was quite embarrassing that he had so many.Before
And after. She is so happy!

His bucket is overflowing!

The next one was at my grandparents house. They were so nice to have us come over. They hid all the eggs and fed us a yummy lunch.
Here they are with there cousins Eddie and Dillan

Me and the Babes

The Easter bunny came...

We must have been thinking alike cause he brought summer themed items, that's just what i would have done:)

Ryan was so happy. I have been trying to get him into soccer lately and it hasn't been working, well it's because it was the wrong sport. For never really playing softball before Ryan was very good at it.

Lacy was happy with her Princess and the Frog movie and fruit snacks.

We were kind of slacking on painting eggs and i almost got away without doing it this year but Ryan reminded me so we painted eggs. It was quite fun, after they were dry Brent and i hid them around the house. They loved it and i loved that there was no more candy.

We went to the beach last week while Hannah had spring break. It was the perfect day. Great weather, no bird poop, great company. Just a perfect day.

Ryan finding all the rocks


I signed up my family for the 'Give a day, get a day' Disney thing. We chose to make welcome home baskets for family's who lost their home in the southern cally fires a couple years ago. There are still like 700 + families that still haven't rebuilt after they lost there home. It was great fun to do and great that we all get to go to Disney for free. We are planning on going in December so we can see all the Christmas deco.

My mommy, Brent, Hunter, Lacy, Ryan, and me

Here are the kids on our way to church in their new Easter outfits. Well Ryan is supposed to be wearing the pink tie i bought him to match Lacy's outfit but he told me he wouldn't wear it to church because he said that people will think he is a girl. I assured him that they wouldn't and boys can wear pink 'sometimes.' He told me that he would wear it to get pictures in but not for church. So i agreed.

Oh how i ADORE my kids. I love them so much and i am so grateful everyday to be there mother. It really is the greatest gift.