Wednesday, March 31, 2010



So Brent works A LOT in the summer months and since that time is fastly approaching we thought we should take a little vaca just the two of us. My mom was nice enough to watch the kids at a moments notice. There are many perks to having my mom live here and this is one of them. We decided to stay pretty close so we didn't have to waste time or gas driving somewhere since we live in one of the best vacation spots around. We ended up going to a place called the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. It was truly amazing. Almost a little to ritzy for me, but just enough to where you feel spoiled. We were in the 'cottages.' It was like a little piece of heaven. Our room was almost as big as our apartment. The bed was so soft you didn't want to get up once you laid down and the bathroom was what i would want in my dream bathroom. Here are some pictures of our room below. It had an awesome fire place. They had it all ready to go with wood, and newspaper and kindling. Even a really stupid person could light this fire.
Here is the bed, so beautiful

Oh the tub!

The first morning we were there we decided to go on a walk. There is an amazing golf course right there so we walked about three miles around it. Since there was no one golfing right then we decided to explore. We walked to this very little waterfall, across some bridges, sat on some hills until we saw golfers coming and got off the field. Since the whole bird poop thing i am trying to not let anything land on me. It was a great peaceful morning.

Here is a friend we met along the way.

Next we snuck back to our apartments to discuss leasing options( it was our last day to do so.) They pretty much told us they they don't give a D***( don't worry that really isn't a swear word, what were you thinking of me..) about us and that if we wouldn't pay the outrageous amount they wanted to raise our rent that someone else would. I hate apartments. I miss owning our own home and cant wait to do so again in a couple years. This time we will be much smarter. Anyways after that we went to lunch at this really good Texas barbecue place. And then spent the night being without kids and all alone. The next morning after sleeping in and taking as long as i wanted to get ready we left our lovely second home and went for the afternoon to the beach( all alone with out kids, did i mention!!!)

First we stopped for lunch at El Indio ( if you come to San Diego stop by here you wont be disappointed.)

And go to Torrey Pines beach. It is amazingly beautiful. We had a blast finding rocks and shells for the kids cause the best gifts are the ones from the heart ( or the free ones..hehe). Then we laid out our towel and took a nap. AND i didn't get pooped on once. It was great. I think Brent and i are going to make this an annual get a way. I love just being alone with my husband in such a wonderful place.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shamu Friends


So last Thursday my good friend Shaun invited me to go with her family to Sea World. I love going with good company, it makes it so much more fun. I haven't seen Shaun for about 5 months so it was so fun to hang out and actually talk in person instead of over the phone. The kids loved being with each other too. When we first got there we decided to see the sharks and on our walk over we see this (below). About 20 flamingos walking down the street. It was cool to see tham so close. One nearly ran over me and Lacy.Lacy, katie, and Ryan all going for a ride

Me and the kids at the sea lion show. It is one of my favorites.

Terry, Shaun, Abby and Katie at the Shamu show.
I must say that now that 'the people' cant go in the water the show just wasn't the same. I hope they change there minds soon.
Thanks once again Whipple family for inviting me. It was an amazing day. I loved hanging out with you.

Happy Green Day!


And it was green...lots of green eggs. I have to say they were actually kind of hard to eat like that. I had to close my eyes. But the kids loved it. I think i will have to color eggs more often. Later we painted shamrocks, cut them out, and then i hid them throughout the house for the kids to find. It was a great activity.

Ryan has been obsessed with drawing and coloring lately. He learned how to color in the lines and he does an amazing job, so he loved this. He took his time and his turned out really well.

That night i printed off free burrito coupons for Baja Fresh from facebook. All you had to do was buy a large drink for 2 bucks and you got a $7 burrito for free. And they were so so good.

Here we are chowing down..yum yum!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lacy & Ryan


Sometimes i feel like life just gets away from me. Days seem like forever, months pass by quickly. I carry my camera a lot less than i used to. I feel like i don't capture as many of those special little memories that i want. Well here are a couple that i did capture that i want to remember. Lacy has been on a clothing binge. She is always putting on lots of clothing. Hers, Ryan's, mine and well anything laying around, hanging up or in Antone's drawers. She is also taking of her clothing these days. Especially at night. I HAVE to check on her at night before i go to bed. MOST nights she is either naked all the way or maybe she just took her diaper off or her pj's. Last night i went in and she had thrown out all her blankets and stuffed animals but she was at least dressed. As i bent down to pick up her blankets i picked up a diaper. I looked over at her and all her clothes were on , so i go over and feel her and yup there is no diaper on.
Here she is with swim diapers around her ankles. She gets really inventive.
I also wanted to note that she is highly afraid of feathers. For some people its foil, some its the dark but my child is afraid of feathers. Also when Lacy is concentrating on things she makes the s sound over and over again. It is the curtest thing. ssssssssssss

Ryan is doing lots of interesting poses for the camera lately. Thank goodness we don't have any clothing issues with him lately. Four is actually going quite well. Now i just have to be constantly teaching lessons, which he actually understands quite a bit. Pre school is going well. He is finally coloring in the lines, which i think is a great achievement. Now the big decision is whether to put him in kindergarten this year or not.

The infamous monkey that he still loves!

I was busy the other day and i knew Lacy was getting in trouble some how because she was really quite. So i go into the kitchen and i see this...

She had pushed a chair over to the pantry, found the packet of hot cocoa, chewed it open and was eating it. I let her have some more as i continued to snap away. I probably should have taken it away and put her in time out or something but i thought it was cute.

Here is Ryan and Avery. They are still inseparable. We shall see what the future holds. I think its so funny that we sit around and talk like our kids are going to get married. I know the chances are slim but wouldn't that be a great story.

Here is Ryan and Lacy having fun, getting everything dirty. As you can see the pine needles all over the porch, i guess i should have swept first.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tiffanie's Special Weekend


My sister Tiffanie recently came here to San Diego to get sealed to her family. It was such an amazing time. We started off the week just right by leaving the kids at home with Grandma and going to Sea World. Since Brent couldn't get off work it was just me Tiffanie and her husband Josh. I didn't care if i was the third wheel or not i wanted to go and get a break. It was so much. There was hardly anyone there. We rode Atlantis like three times in a row never waiting in line. The neatest thing of all was getting picked to help with the dolphin show. I cant believe he picked me. I was only up there for a few minutes. I had to hold the pose below like the whole time. It was hard work, but worth it.
The Shamu show really is amazing!

Me and Tiff

Our next stop was the Mormon battalion in down town San Diego. We actually stumbled upon it on accident. We had an hour to kill before we had to pick up my sisters bff from the airport and I'm so glad cause this place is amazing and free. If you are ever making a trip to San Diego this is must see.


Girls night out

After Tiffanie's endowment Friday night all the girls went to BJ. Probably my favorite restaurant. All their food is the best.

Sealing Day- February 13Th 2010
It was the most amazing experience to go to the temple with Tiffanie. I had the greatest opportunity to be her Guide. It was truly amazing, an experience i wouldn't trade for anything. Thank you Tiffanie for giving me that chance. This day was absolutely perfect. It was neat to see my sisters family get sealed for time and all eternity. I'm so proud of my Sister for following through with her dream. Here is a picture of almost everyone that came.


My little family roaming the hills

Me and Tiff

All my siblings
left to right
Troy, Tiffanie, Hilarie, Candice, Zachary, and Hannah

After the temple we all went to Pat and Oscars to eat.

Here is all the girls

me and Candice

Lacy loved the cake

The Beach
After Pat and Oscars we went to the beach and watched the sun set. It was a lot of fun. The kids still played in the water a bit despite the freezing cold.

Brent was showing lacy the water from the Pier.

Laying down star gazing

Cutest boy ever


Sunday February 14 2010
Jaxon Baby Blessing

Tiffanie and Josh blessed Jaxon in my grandpa's ward so that the whole family could be there. It was another great day. This is in front of my Grandparents house after the blessing. We has some really yummy food and some extra hang out time with Tiffanie and josh before they moved away to Washington. Its kind of weird when you grow up and your family all moves away. I miss you already Tiff and i cant wait to go visit Seattle.

Jaxon and Ryan
Ryan, Jaxon, and Lacy
It was really hard to get them all to look. It was too much for them all to smile.

Josh and Lacy lou- Lacy loves Josh. We were all glad to see him after he had been gone for a year in Korea.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dresses and Aprons


I am not one for online contests or at least posting them on my blog but my really good friend here in San Diego makes the cutest girls dresses and women's aprons and she is giving away a prize of your choice of her blog. So please pop on over here to check it out. It only takes a second to enter and you might win something. Thanks Hilarie