Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012


For spring break we went on a little trip to Arizona. I hadn't been back in almost two years. Tiffanie, Josh, and Jaxon were there visiting as well. We showed up Friday night and stayed with them on the base where Josh was working. Saturday we went to see the Padres play in the spring training games. It was a super hot day. We survived by getting a huge shaved icee to share. Ryan got a ball signed. He was pretty excited since the last two seasons hes played baseball he has been a Padre. I am pretty horrible at taking pictures so this is the only one i got of us at the game..

Sunday we said good bye to Josh, Tifff and Jax. They headed off back to Utah and we headed to the Mesa temple.

The kids loved running all around. We enjoyed some new things they had in the visitors center.

Ryan Took this picture, he did a pretty good job :)

Monday night we went to FHE with our good friends, The Heywood's. Our kids haven't seen each other for a couple years so they didn't remember each other but it didn't take them long to become good friends again.

Ryan and Zach
Their family was doing an Easter egg hunt at a park, the kids couldn't resist the candy and ate most of it that night.
Lacy and Anna

We stayed with our good friends the Meyers. They were nice enough to put up with us for a few days. It was nice to hang out and relax with them. Between the two of us we have 6 kids so it wasn't quiet, but a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed playing in the cold pool while we chatted.

Lacy, Avery and Charlotte became good friends.
We even got a babysitter and went out to dinner with Kristin and Darcy. It was so much fun staying with them. The best kind of friends are the ones that you can not see for two years and come back and it be the same as when you left. People like them make me sad that we moved. But i guess all the more reason to visit.

On our last day we went to see my friend Shaun and her cute little family. She fixed us an awesome dinner and we just got to sit around and visit. I also got to cuddle with her cute new baby. Oh he was just the cutest.

Lacy and Abby

Me and Shaun

Our Trip also included eating at the many places we don't have here in Cali. Namely Paradise bakery. I have been craving it since being pregnant and it did not disappoint. We also had to go to Nielson. Oh the joys. Cant wait to go visit again.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby #3


 Just realized as i was going back to catch up on my blog that i never posted anything about the most exciting thing going on in my life.. ha ha
Baby #3
Due June 23, 2012
"There is a bun in the oven"
Maybe cause its baby no 3, i didn't feel like taking tummy pictures till there was a tummy to show. So here is the first one, i am 5 months. 
 ....and 6 months
 More to come later.
Ryan's first kinder performance
'The Love Bug Show'
 You always wonder how your kids will do at these type of things. Ryan did nothing i expected, mostly cause he did nothing at all. Literally stood there yawning and looking bored. I sat there thinking okay something is totally wrong with him. But Brent assured me that he did the same kinds of things when he was a kid and so i guess that's just the way it is. Ryan is not the singing type..
Valentines Day 12'
I love the day of Love

and so did the kids! Its amazing what small toys and candy can do to small children,

And then there was Brent... I got him a huge card just like he got me about 5 years ago for Valentines Day. I still have mine, lets see if he keeps his. Inside i wrote 9 reasons why i love him since this was our 9th V. Day together. It was pretty cute, i must say so!
He got me just what i wanted. A really nice body pillow! Very practical but i really needed it so it all worked out.