Saturday, June 16, 2012


So here are some random pix/events from the past few months and in no order. LOL

Lacy falling asleep on the stairs 

Ryan graduating from Kindergarten
WOW where did the time go. 

Lacy's drawing- That thing on top is Hailey in my tummy and that is Lacy on the bottom. Pretty good for not even being 4 yet.

 Ryan finished spring season of baseball. He did an awesome job this year. Its amazing what a little practice and actually wanting to play does. At the end of every game the coach hands our the team ball and cards to the player who did good for one reason or another. Ryan got the game ball and the cards twice. I'm so proud of him

 Ryan falling asleep on the stairs.
 Lacy at gymnastics...
She is a natural...

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