Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lacy's 4th Birthday

( Yes.. still playing catch up)

So i swore i would have Hailey early so i wouldn't have to worry about having a baby on or so close to Lacy's birthday, but that didn't happen. So their birthdays are only three days apart. At least they are both girls and can someday have a princess party together!

Lacy's Special Day

Of course we had to start the day of with the birthday pancakes. yum!
We had a good day that day. Since i had only had a baby a few days before we kept it pretty simple and hung around the house. Until it came down to dinner and off to Red Robin we went.

 And oh how yummy it was!
Red Robin YUMMM

Lacy got her special birthday dessert
Then we headed Home to open presents. She got this awesome tangled doll that sings, strawberry shortcake stuff and a bunch of clothes. She was a happy girl.

A few days later we took her to chuckie cheese to celebrate with her friends. We wanted this to be a fun year for her since she had to share her special time with her little sister.
A while ago we went here for family night and someone was having a party. Ever since Lacy has said she wants her party here. I was happy cause it was super easy for me.
Lacy loved Chuckie! I thought she might be afraid, but she wasn't. Yeaa

This really was the best party.. they put on a whole show just for her and made her the center of attention:)

Getting ready to blow out the candles

singing and dancing with chuckie

And then of course PRESENTS

Tessa, Lacy, Addie and Rynn

This is the most awesome picture of the whole day,haha
They put the birthday kids in this tall cylinder type thing and lock them in, then turn on a bunch of air with flying tickets all around. Well Lacy was not prepared for all of that and this was the result. So Ryan stepped up to the plate and did it for her. Oh boy was he happy!

He stepped out and handed everything he won over to Lacy. What a nice big brother!
All in all it was a great birthday for Lacy. She actually never seemed to mind sharing her special birthday time with her new little sister. Through this all Lacy has been amazing. She loves Hailey to pieces and so do we:)

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